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Keep up to date with Yoshiko’s latest posts about Japanese Superfoods and the important role they have in leading your health and beauty. If you want to lose weight without starving yourself, age well, have ultimate health, want to have beautiful skin and hair, have a look at Yoshiko’s delicious and nutritious Recipes. If you love eating out, check her plant based restaurants reviews in others.


A Real Experience of Japanese Diet

Have you watched the SBS Documentary called “My Japanese Weight Loss” yet? The film featured Craig Anderson, who lost 25kg …

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Lipton Matcha Tea Range – Yes or No?

As the benefits of matcha have become more widely known, it has become quite the popular choice of drink! This …

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Secrets to Buying the Right Matcha that most people don’t know about…

ARE YOU GETTING HEALTHY AND BEAUTY TRANSFORMATION FROM MATCHA?  IF your answer is NO, you maybe buying wrong matcha. There …

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Brown Seaweeds are BEST source of iodine!!!

Saviour for high energy, weight loss, shiny hair and skin!!!! Iodine is helpful for ; Helps burn excess fat — good for …

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Great blood pressure level

My health check-up result and how I got to healthy eating

Healthy food doesn’t just heal a single part of your body. It heals EVERY PART of your body as a …

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