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Join Yoshiko’s healthy cooking classes in Sydney today and enjoy great recipes, cooking tips, nutritional information and lots of fun!

Each cooking class is 2.5 hrs long with a 1.00pm start and 3.30pm finish. All classes are held at Loft & Earth in Bondi Junction, NSW. You can see the Contact Page for directions. For just $150 Yoshiko will help you build your knowledge, skills and confidence in the kitchen.All cooking classes are healthy, plant-based and dairy free. No refined sugar, salt and oil are used. We offer whole foods cooking classes only. Some classes are not gluten free but we can make the classes gluten free for you. We also do our best to meet your dietary requirements for all the cooking classes.

 For those not living in Sydney but still want to learn about the health, beauty and weight loss benefits of cooking with Japanese Superfoods enquire about our Online Course today.

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