Individual Classes

Don’t have any cooking skills or want to have healthy eating habits? Through Yoshiko’s cooking classes, everyone can enjoy to cook tasty, yet healthy food meals and desserts and learn full of healthy eating tips. Yoshiko’s classes are not just cooking classes!

These classes are designed for all levels, whether you’re just starting to experiment in the kitchen or you’ve already become a master chef. 


  • A hands-on, intimate and fun cooking experience
  •  Top quality and nutritious ingredients
  • Learn the benefits of Japanese superfoods – real key for Japanese health and slim body
  • An extensive variety of healthy cooking classes
  • Tips and ideas to have a healthy diet
  • Tasting organic Japanese tea and alkaline mineral water with the food that you cooked
  • Plant-based, vegetarian, and vegan recipes (could include meat/fish if preferred)
  • Washing dishes are NOT required, unlike most cooking classes

When the cooking is finished, you will enjoy a complete sit-down feast of all the recipes you just prepared. Upon completion you will be ready and confident to take your newfound skills and techniques home to impress and nurture your friends and family.

Come join us, relax, and we can enjoy healthy meals together! Gift Vouchers are available for all individual cooking classes or as a package.


Japanese Basics

This class ranges from teaching a basic understanding of signature Japanese meals to creating exquisite cuisine.

Japanese Basics I offers an introduction to the fundamentals of Japanese home-style cooking. Upon completion of this class you will gain knowledge of the essential Japanese seasonings and basic cooking technique.

Some examples include:

  • An understanding of basic Japanese seasonings
  • How to balance each meal
  • How to cook authentic rice
  • How to make vegetarian dashi stock
  • Miso soup (using homemade dashi/powdered dashi)
  • How to cook teriyaki
  • Making goma ae ( Japanese style very traditional salad) in two ways
  • Cooking perfect tempura served with dipping sauce
  • Basic knife skills

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Japanese Basics II will solidify all the basics learned in the previous course. This class offers the ability to learn Japanese cooking skills at a more advanced level, such as everybody’s Japanese favourite dishes as agedashi tofu and dengaku.

Some examples include:

  • Cooking eggplant dengaku (two types of miso sauce)
  • Agedashi tofu (using nori as garnish)
  • Daikon and umeboshi salad
  • How to prepare Inari sushi

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Japanese Advanced is the final instalment in the Japanese Basics course. It follows up all the cooking skills and techniques taught previously; here you will learn the complex and finer side of Japanese home-style cooking.

Some examples include:

  • How to make fresh traditional nigari tofu from soybeans
  • Cooking kakiage ( type of tempura)  served with matcha green tea salt
  • Soba noodle soup
  • Shiroae – Traditional Japanese salad – spinach, konnyaku and carrot with tofu, miso, sesame dressing
  • Matcha custard

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Japanese Classics

Master these iconic Japanese dishes and you won't need to eat out or order in again!

In our unique sushi class you will learn how to create healthy sushi using Japanese superfoods – all the skills from making sushi rice to mastering the inside out roll. With this detailed 2 hour hands on workshop you will be ready to host your own sushi dinner party for all your friends.
Some of the things we will learn include:

  • Thin roll
  • Thick roll
  • Inside out roll
  • Nigiri

It is not only learning how to roll but also how to make tasty filling such as tempura.
You will finish the class with freshly made sushi, miso soup and matcha green tea.

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You will have your own little sushi master by the end of the school holidays,

These school holidays we are offering a way for you and your child to bond while having an fun experience making sushi.

Instilling children with a healthy lifestyle is important and through this class we aim to inspire children to eat healthy and enjoy cooking at home.

You and your kids will learn:

  • How to choose the right ingredients
  • How to cook sushi rice
  • How to roll various types of nori rolls (thick roll, thick roll, inside out roll).

After the class, you enjoy your creations with miso soup and Japanese tea.

We use authentic Japanese traditional ingredients which are not often used in Japanese restaurants in Sydney.

After the class, you and your child can make sushi together at home to further strengthen your bond. You even ask them to make you sushi when you want a day off from cooking.

* Suitable for kids ages from 6 to 16 years old

Check a class video made by one of our attendees, Ayato!

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Our gyoza class offers a classic Japanese lunch set of gyoza, rice balls, seaweed salad and soup. Here you will learn some essentials for a lunch that will make any Japanese person happy. This class will have you pleating gyoza like a professional in no time!

Some of the things we will learn include:

  • How to correctly fold and pleat gyoza
  • How to correctly cook gyoza
  • How to freeze gyoza
  • Two types of gyoza dipping sauce
  • Basic rice balls
  • How to make an instant seaweed soup
  • How to make seaweed salad with Japanese style dressing
  • Completing the class with yummy lunch and matcha green tea

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Our ramen class offers a 101 course in making everyone’s favourite noodle dish with Japanese superfoods. This class has a seasonal menu and the type of ramen or vegetables is subject to change. From thick, warm miso broth to sparkling shoyu broth ramen, come and enjoy delicious vegan ramen!

Some of the things we will learn include:

  • How to make miso based broth
  • How to make shoyu based broth
  • Plant based ramen toppings
  • The trick to egg-free ramen noodles
  • Salad with miso dressing
  • mouth watering desserts

*type of broth depends on season

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Make ALIVE and yummy organic miso with ease!


  • Most miso are DEAD and real miso is ALIVE?
  • Most Japanese restaurants serve miso soup using DEAD miso and MSG?

But don’t worry! This class is you are going to get to learn how to make TRADITIONAL and ALIVE miso which has much more nutrients and most importantly, very tasty!


  • Learn what miso is, various types of miso and why miso is good for you
  • Learn how to make organic ALIVE miso – easy and failure free way!
  • Learn what to expect after making miso
  • Cook yummy, easy and healthy dishes using miso and other Japanese superfoods for your lunch
  • Take home freshly made miso to enjoy later on

Together we will start our own batch of miso from soybeans, and talk about how these soybeans will become a delicious, unpasteurized, organic, nutrient rich superfood. This class is to help demonstrate and ease the minds of those who may worry about mold or imperfections in the miso as it ferments. You will also learn troubleshooting of any issues with your own batch. We will be conveniently offering all ingredients necessary for your own organic miso for sale after the class so you can make it at home straight away! Lunch included.

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Japanese Superfoods

Use Japanese Superfoods to help you with your goals for weight-loss and health or to assist in ageing well. This class teaches Western Style cooking using Japanese Superfoods so it is perfect for those looking to incorporate Japanese Superfoods into their everyday lives

Eat your way to weight loss! Here we will create a high fibre and low calorie, balanced meal, using Japanese superfoods to burn fat while staying positive towards each meal.

This includes:

  • Healthy recipes that are perfect for weight loss – for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks & snacks
  • Meal replacements for weight loss

Be your own weight-watcher; cook your way to a slimmer and healthier life!

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In Gut Health with Japanese Superfoods you dive into Japanese fermented foods and sauces – especially food made from the ingredient Koji.

Koji is the national culture behind Japanese fermented food products and getting seriously trendy among top chefs in the world including in Australia.

It contains about 400 health components that contribute to a healthy gut and well being.

It is also naturally filled with umami flavour – a natural form of MSG!

You will:

  • use various types of Japanese koji products such as salt koji, syoyu koji, amazake and miso.
  • make super easy and versatile koji sauces.

With these tips you will master the following:

  • various entrée using koji sauce
  • main meal – konnyaku carbonara
  • Tsukemono (Japanese style pickles)
  • wagashi – traditional Japanese sweets

We also learn how to use konnyaku (aka konjac), which is know as the “broom for your stomach.” Absorbing toxins in your gut, it effectively removes them from your body.

A healthy clean gut:
= strong immune system
= clear skin
= clear mind
= overall all health

Discover the power of Japanese fermented foods for a healthy gut and healthy lifestyle!

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Ward off diseases and live a longer, healthier and happier life. The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. Let’s heal ourselves while we eat. From superfoods to medicinal foods, you will discover the ways of healing and macrobiotic eating. This class covers:

  • Cleansing our blood
  • Preventing illness
  • Macrobiotic home remedies for common symptoms of the flu, sore throat, and stomach upset
  • Boosting our immune system
  • Optimising our digestive system
  • Fermentation, containing probiotics and prebiotics



  • Kuzu apple two ways
  • three types of noodle
    Konnyaku noodle with umeboshi, black rice noodle with shallot and rice noodle with nori ( seaweed)
  • Super detox soup made with Japanese dashi, daikon, kuzu, shiitake and ginger.
  • Cauliflower fried rice in two ways – one cooked with wok and another in the oven.
  •  Amazake pudding with raw kiwi sauce

Join us in maintaining optimal health with Japanese superfoods and macrobiotic eating!

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* Matcha green tea is highest antioxidant food on earth?
* Matcha helps to lose weight, age well and improve your health?
* You can easily destroy the Matcha’s potent health benefits easily and many people do it without knowing

You will learn how to enjoy matcha in various ways so you can enjoy matcha on daily basis to lose weight, look younger and improve your health!

* Matcha coconut fudge – easy and healthy treat that gives you energy!
* Matcha Blacmange – extra smooth matcha dessert
* Two-colour Mochi ball with Yuzu & Matcha An-paste – traditional japanese dessert Dango with specialised an-paste
* Cold Soba with Matcha Broth – What is the matcha broth? You will know it how it has amazing flavour!
* Matcha Popcorn – You will be excited for making popcorn and matcha salt
* Yuzu Matcha Mocktail – This is our favorite drink! Super refreshing deink
* Organic Matcha green tea and Alkaline mineral water

* Taught by Chef Yoshiko Takeuchi, 20 years of experience in teaching, international author of two cookbooks and renowned for cooking in some of Sydney’s top kitchens and work on The Biggest Loser
* Learn through detailed demonstration from the teacher PLUS hands-on practice
* No washing required, unlike most cooking classes – all you do is learn, cook, eat and have fun!
* Learn how to choose BEST matcha green tea for your health and beauty
* Learn how not to do and what to do to maximise power of matcha green tea
* Enjoy freshly made matcha sweets, snack, savouriy dish with organic Japanese matcha green tea and alklaine mineral water
* Learn and try Japanese superfoods – the secrets of Japanese health and weight loss that you don’t know much about!
* It is plant based (Cholesterol free)
* Take home recipes to impress your friends and family at home

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