Cooking for a better lifestyle

Cooking with Yoshiko is all about eating for health, energy and beauty without compromising taste.

Yoshiko loves creating delicious, easy yet healthy meals for a healthy sustainable lifestyle.  Japanese superfoods are packed with nutrients and are the REAL key to Japanese longevity. She is passionate about sharing how Japanese superfoods can be used not only for your favourite Japanese meal but can also be easily incorporated into a variety of your favourite daily meals


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Yoshiko's Latest Cookbook

In this book, you will learn about the ancient Japanese secret to staying healthy, ageing well and staying slim through the ancient art of Japanese superfoods.

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Kickstart your cooking skills

Learn from Yoshiko's expertise, to cook with healthy and delicious Japanese superfoods.

Individual Classes

These classes range from teaching a basic understanding of signature Japanese meals to creating exquisite cuisine.

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Special Bundles

We have fantastic special offers for those who want to learn continuously and stay healthy!

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Events & Celebrations

Japanese cooking is a fantastic way to celebrate and bring family, friends or colleagues together.

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Class Schedule

Find out what Cooking with Yoshiko classes are currently available.

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Japanese superfoods are a large contributor to the health and wellbeing of the Japanese people. Sign up to my e-course to find out more.

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I’ve created a fabulous free e-book “Top 3 Japanese superfoods for natural weight loss”. It has tips to lose weight using the top 3 Japanese superfoods that support weight loss plus yummy and easy recipes to use! Enjoy!