Corporate Team Events

Boost your team bonding with an exciting Japanese cooking class.

With S1T2 team at their team building party

  I operate Japanese cooking classes or even an exciting team cook-off that is sure to strengthen your team’s bond. The class normally begins with a detailed demonstration of every recipe, which includes Japanese classics such as gyoza and sushi. You will then form teams and work together to try and produce the same tasty dishes. “But what if we can’t cook?” Don’t worry, my team and I will support and guide your team in every step of the way to ensure a memorable day of cooking and team building. Turn up the heat with a team cook off! Upon request we can fire up your cooking experience with an exhilarating Japanese cuisine cook-off. Teams will have to test their cooking skills to produce the best tasting and best-looking Japanese dish. Remember teamwork makes the dream work. At the end of the session, enjoy a meal prepared by you and your team’s collective efforts and take away new skills in teamwork and Japanese cooking.

Cooking With Yoshiko’s corporate class with Red Bull team


Japanese basic cooking class with Fujitsu team


Sushi making class with Macquarie University team

We have enjoyed working with the following selection of businesses:


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