Special Bundles

Are you fed up with eating out or feeling stuck with what to cook or eat? We have fantastic special offers for those who want to learn continuously and stay healthy!

Cooking and eating with Japanese superfoods will give you the ability to look and feel great, stay out of the doctor’s office, and prepare meals easier than you thought possible. Great news is the more you learn, the larger the discount!



$270 – valued at $300

Frustrated with your weight? Hate to starve yourself? Tired of weight gain rebound? Worried about getting health problems?

Join us SUSTAINABLE natural weight loss without starving with Japanese superfoods I and II. This class will teach you how to lose weight using ancient Japanese superfoods. All the recipes are delicious and satisfying yet super simple. No more starvation with your weight loss journey. Throughout these courses you will learn to understand Japanese superfoods that have weight loss effects and 5 top strategies for smart weight loss.

  • 2 workshops – Weight loss I and II
  • $135 per class instead of $150
  • Save $30
  • BONUS gift -Japanese superfoods -2 packets of konnyaku pasta from Slendier



Japanese Basic I, II and Advanced Japanese

$360 – valued at $450

Ever wanted to learn the basics to Japanese cuisine? Sign up for our Japanese Basics I, II, and III for only $360. Throughout these courses you will learn to understand Japanese cooking techniques and Japanese ingredients, including Japanese superfoods, to be able to create meals such as authentic rice, teriyaki, perfect tempura, dumplings, and many more. You’ll master the basic home-cooking techniques of traditional Japanese cuisine and save yourself $90!

  • 3 workshops – Japanese Basics I, II, and Advanced Japanese
  • $120 per class instead of $150
  • Save $90


Japanese Classics

$360, valued at $450

Want to stop eating out and learn how to make the iconic Japanese food that you keep ordering? Join the Japanese Classics bundle to experience three of our workshops including Superfood Sushi, Superfood Ramen, and Superfood Gyoza and save $90. At the completion of this course you will have the skills to prepare easy, delicious and nutritious meals that your friends will think you had delivered!

  • 3 workshops – Superfood Sushi, Superfood Ramen, and Superfood Gyoza
  • $120 per class instead $150
  • Save $90


Flexible Combo

Can’t decide on your favourite bundle of classes? You don’t have to! Choose your own classes and make your own bundle.

Flexible Combo 1 – $390, valued at $450

Have the option to pick and choose any three cooking workshops for only $390 ($130 per class). This is a great opportunity to learn and explore the basics of Japanese cooking. From a basic understanding of signature Japanese meals to exquisite cuisine of teriyaki, sushi, miso and gyoza as well as the skills to combine Western style cooking with Japanese superfoods.

  • Any 3 workshops
  • $130 per class instead of $150
  • Save $60


Flexible Combo 2 – $620, valued at $750

Similar to our first flexible combo, this bundle allows you to choose up to five cooking workshops for only $620! The original price of this would be $750 but we are offering this deal at $124 a class so you can save money while you learn. This is a great opportunity to expand your skills and really develop your learning in how to make and prepare healthy, delicious Japanese inspired meals. Take classes filled with classic Japanese food or fusion cooking using Japanese superfoods with a Western twist while we teach you about the different superfoods that are valuable to you and your health.

  • Any 5 workshops
  • $124 per class instead of $150
  • Save $130


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