Cooking With Yoshiko

Master one of the most important life skills – to cook and eat well. Imagine you are feeling absolutely satisfied in your own health. You can cook delicious and nutritious meals with ease and you are confident buying healthy ingredients even though it’s becoming increasingly difficult due to misleading food packaging and confusing marketing terms. With these skills, you and your family will enjoy every day meals that are wholesome and leave you feeling great inside and out. Yoshiko - Shop

Yoshiko’s Philosophy

Yoshiko believes that cooking skills are one of the most important and useful skills to have. To her, it is important to be able to cook at home, using seasonal produce and quality ingredients. Healthy, hearty meals are a key part of keeping yourself, and your family happy, and satisfied. It is through embracing a healthy lifestyle and spending less time and money on processed, packaged goods or takeaway that you are able to maintain your wellbeing, save money and reduce your overall environmental impact. Yoshiko believes having absolute confidence in your own health is priceless.
She believes it is all about finding ways to educate people in eating to improve not only your health but also your everyday life. It’s about seeking enjoyment from the process of both preparing and eating food by learning how to cook delicious and healthy meals with ease. She wants everybody to be educated about the food they are consuming and find an appreciation and understanding of the ways in which it can increase your health, happiness and performance in all aspects of life. With Yoshiko’s help you will:
  • develop better eating habits
  • learn healthy cooking techniques and tips
  • cook tasty and healthy meals and desserts (not boring ones)
  • become educated about food and the food industry.
You can learn from Yoshiko’s:
  • cooking classes (individual, course, private, team building)
  • cookbooks – hard cover that you can purchase from bookstores and online
  • e-books – online
  • e-course – for those who cannot attend her physical classes.

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