Organic Matcha green tea

Yoshiko’s Matcha: Available online now!

Yoshiko has handpicked the finest quality of matcha and has been selling it at her classes. Many have told her how difficult and frustrating it is to find matcha with the similar quality and taste as hers from other shops. She listened. You got it! Now she is selling her high quality first flush matcha online!

Enjoy the great taste of Yoshiko’s matcha while promoting your health and beauty!

organic matcha 30g

Organic Matcha – 50g

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Yoshiko’s tea is properly handled by skilled Japanese craftman using ‘first flush’ picked tea leaves, traditionally known as ‘real’ matcha. Due to matcha’s rising popularity, Second, third and fourth flush tea leaves are now commonly sold and contain less nutritional value and bitter flavour. While first flush tea is more expensive than second and third flush tea, it is definitely worth the money!

Our Matcha Policy

matcha late

Super premium grade – ceremonial grade

Perfect for both drinking and cooking for your health and beauty


It is important that matcha is organic; Non-organic Matcha is heavily sprayed with pesticides
grown in japan

Japanese grown and created by skilled craftman

Creates vibrant colour and great taste along with the highest nutritious value
great taste

Great taste

Refreshing flavor with a hint of sweetness without the harsh bitterness and unpleasant aftertaste due to the use of first flush tea leaves and processing method
stone ground matcha powder

Stone ground

Minimized friction avoids “burnt tea”, resulting inhigher levels of chlorophyll and tastiness
Using first flushpicked matcha green tea leaves

Using first flush picked matcha green tea leaves

First flush matcha contain more nutritional value and a sweeter flavour compared to second, third and fourth matcha leaves, which has unpleasant bitterness


Her high quality matcha has a bright vibrant green colour with a fresher aroma and pleasant flavours of umami along with hints of sweetness. On the other hand, Poor quality matcha has a dull green or brownish yellow color, which shows its poorer nutritional value, alongwith its extremely bitter and unpleasant aftertaste. This is because of the way it is processed and stored, and the type of leaves used. Be careful bright colour matcha with colouring though. Yoshiko makes sure that her matcha is handled properly, resulting in higher quality matcha, with richer amounts of antioxidants, nutritious value and flavour.

Enjoy the great taste of Yoshiko’s matcha while promoting your health and beauty!
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