Vegan Asian meal at Injoy, Asakusa

Have you heard of Asakusa? Asakusa is a district in Tokyo. It is famous for its historic Senso-ji Temple, vibrant shopping streets, and traditional atmosphere.

Senso-ji Temple

Unique Ambiance

This place is quite conveniently located – so close to the Metro station, only a 1-minute walk! You will find a building and go upstairs – there is an entrance with flowers. Inside is spacious, there are flowers and showcasing tea sets. It is very peaceful, likely due to the smaller number of customers; everyone is quiet, including all the staff members!

Right: Entrance of Injoy  Left: Tea set showcase

A bookshelf contains vegan magazines and interesting books about health. I wish I had time to read these as they seem quite interesting.

Left: Bookshelf filled with vegan cookbooks and health-related books

Right:  Vegan magazines and books that I looked at! 

Delicious Vegan Options

The men has three lunch sets to choose from : Dan Dan noodles, stone-grilled bibimbap, and Sanla tan soup noodle. You can choose one drink from Today’s juice (orange juice on that day), hot Pu-erh tea, and cold Oolong tea.

I ordered the stone-grilled bibimbap set, which comes with miso soup, kimchi, and a drink since I love Korean food! My drink choice was hot Pu-erh tea.

The bibimbap had carrot, bean sprout, spinach – seasoned with roasted sesame oil and salt, soy minced meat, aburaage, and Zenmai (a type of mountain vegetable that I haven’t had for very long, so I was delighted) with Korean nori. Additionally, the menu mentions a sprinkle of grated yam, which I didn’t notice but likely added a nice texture.

Menu book is written in both Japanese and English

Stone-grilled bibimbap set – comes with kimchi, miso soup and drink  –2550 yen

Flavorful Experience

Korean dishes are full of garlic and onions, giving them their strong, yummy flavour.

I initially worried about the taste, especially since they used only a small amount of homemade Gochujang (I even thought of asking for extra if the flavour was too bland). Surprisingly, my worry was unnecessary.

First bite, I thought it was weak then second bite, and third bite… getting full of flavour.  

Rice mix with very little gochujang, but full of flavour  

Nicely browned crunchy rice

Properly Fermented Kimchi

The wakame and daikon miso soup was slightly sweet and yummy. The kimchi wasn’t a typical kimchi flavour because it lacked garlic, onion, and seafood umami flavour. I’m used to vegan kimchi, but this one stood out because it lacked garlic yet retained a “fermented flavour,” which is genuinely good.

In Japan, I’ve seen fake kimchi that isn’t fermented properly and has MSG added for extra umami flavour, so I was delighted to have properly fermented kimchi.

It is nice to finish off the meal with tea – I always like Chinese or Taiwanese tea set that has such tiny teacups.

Hot Pu-erh tea – my choice!  

Signature Ramen Delight

My hubby ordered a Dan Dan noodle set – his choice of drink was cold oolong tea.

It is their signature Ramen. They call this “Five-sense” Ramen where the harmonious blend of sourness, bitterness, sweetness, spiciness, and saltiness creates a captivating flavor experience.

Dan Dan noodle set which comes with pickles and a drink – 2550 yen

They top the noodle soup with a leafy salad, julienne daikon, and deep-fried crunchy sweet potato and carrot for added sweetness. The noodle soup flavour is like my bibimbap. It feels weak at first but as you eat, it has more and more flavor. Nice thick creamy soup from sesame paste.

I must admit that this place isn’t my favourite vegan place. I chose this place because the two restaurants I wanted to go to in Asakusa were fully booked (I should have booked at least one day before). It is a bit pricey – I don’t mind paying extra if restaurants are using organic veggies.

I know this place doesn’t use refined sugar, MSG, etc. (They should tell that loudly. I found it out from an Instagram post) and everything is homemade, which takes time, but still.

Having said that, the food is yummy, which is the most important thing, right?

If you avoid Gokunn (garlic, onion family) and follow a plant-based diet, you should go here!


Injoy Vegan Restaurant  

111-0033 Tokyo, Taito City, Hanakawado, 1 Chome-9-1, Asakusa Ekimae Kitaguchi building level 3 



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