It’s no secret that MATCHA is extremely beneficial to our health, however what about MATCHA BEER? It’s time to weigh up this new superfood combination and whether or not you should be consuming it this festive season…


When my husband sent me this photo he took in a restaurant in Melbourne just a few weeks ago, I was shocked to find that there was such a thing called ‘Matcha Beer’

MATCHA – The Healthy Energy Drink

Matcha green tea can be a natural energy drink as it helps to stimulate your mind and body, a topic I’ve previously written on which outlines how Matcha can help you achieve good health.

It’s no secret that there are overwhelmingly good benefits of drinking matcha regularly… these include:

  •  Greater energy throughout the day
  •  A refreshed mind and a greater ability to focus
  • A long lasting, natural source of caffeine (Which is different from those found in coffee and other energy drinks), with no negative side effects.


Matcha may be the only beverage that calms down and clears the mind, allowing you to concentrate and give you energy at the same time.

I have no doubt everyone would like to have sharp yet relaxed mind all the time, right?

So drinking alcohol with matcha such as matcha beer to relax your mind and also have energy to socialise after a long day is understandable.

However, in reality, drinking matcha alcohol is far from a good idea..


DEFINITELY NOT! It is seeing products advertised like this that makes me greatly upset!

More and more matcha products are available now because many companies are becoming aware of the POWER OF MATCHA – which we know to have overwhelming benefits for your health. However, many of these products are doing far from contributing to your overall health and beauty… and in fact, can have an adverse impact on your health.



Unfortunately, some studies have shown that consuming caffeinated alcoholic beverages had a HIGHER rate of inducing NEGATIVE behaviours than when drinking liquor beverages alone.

The reason why it can provoke a greater risk for poor drinking behaviours come from reducing perceived intoxication and keeping the desire to continue drinking. Caffeine intake may be increasing your focus; however, caffeine combined with alcohol contributes to higher risks for alcohol-related consequences.

Caffeine can alter stimulation pattern alcohol intake; therefore, co-ingestion of caffeine and alcohol reduces one’s perception of intoxication. In other words, co-ingestion of caffeinated alcohol shows to reduce the sedation effect but develop adverse stimulant outcomes. As a result, people drinking caffeinated alcoholic beverages may think that they are not intoxicated and therefore can drink more. Increasing your intake of alcohol may give a false feeling of increased energy levels due to a caffeinated stimulant, leading to staying awake longer and consuming more alcohol. This is what we call the vicious cycle of alcohol intake.



Only quality ceremonial organic matcha has REAL health and beauty effects. Whilst it can be very expensive, in my opinion, matcha is definitely one of the BEST supplements on the market.

Do you think restaurants or food companies use quality matcha for your health and beauty while there are so many CHEAP and FAKE matcha available on the market?

You know the answer…

Now you know the effects of alcohol and caffeine are not so fabulous, I hope you stay away from drinks like espresso martini’s, red bull vodka and matcha beer. (However, matcha beer is the least harmful our of these, as the others are REALLY REALLY BAD).

I know it is tough to be healthy during this season but now you know the effects of alcohol and caffeine and what it can do to you.

I hope it helps you to avoid these nasties! And helps you to detoxify your body with REAL matcha!



As you know I am proud of my high quality matcha at such a low price…

Matcha has amazing DETOX POWER – so it can be used after drinking too much, however remember NOT to consume it alongside alcohol!


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