Matcha Health Benefits – 10 Reasons to Add Matcha in Your Life

Matcha, some call it ” Japanese elixir” has so many health and beauty benefits and many scientist has been doing on going research on this powerful Japanese tea!

Here are 10 reasons to add matcha green tea in your life!


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Where to buy good quality matcha?

It is actually very hard to buy quality matcha since no industry standard or benchmark available. if you plan on drinking it purely for health benefits, a simple rule of thumb is not to go cheap! Go for ceremonial-grade organic matcha. But even the matcha is high price, organic and ceremonial grade, if you can actually see the colour and smell the matcha, please do not buy. Matcha is very sensitive to light and air ( matcha should be stored in dark, cold, dry environment)

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Want to master Matcha?

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