While there are a multitude of health benefits from using Kuzu in your cooking, it is also super important that you ensure you are using a proper KUZU ingredient, as there are so many FAKE varieties out there on the market!

As pure KUZU is quite a rare and expensive ingredient, there are a number of fake versions out there that you certainly need to be wary of. Many are made from sweet potato or arrow root starch and are sold as Kuzu (even though it is labelled saying it is ‘Kuzu’ this is not necessarily the case!)

As pure, quality Kuzu is so much more expensive due to it’s medicinal qualities, it is common for people to pass of other products as Kuzu.

That is why it is super important that you read and check the ingredients list properly, to ensure you are buying the real thing!

Take the comparison of these ‘KUZU’ products below for example…

This is fake Kuzu. Look at the ingredient! Sweet potato starch?!

This is REAL Kuzu. Ingredients wrote: Organic Kuzu (100%)!

While the first product is labelled as ‘KUZU’, it is in fact made of sweet potato starch! That is why it is SO important to check the labels on the products you are buying to ensure you know exactly what you are putting in your body! Because even though you may have the best intentions of wanting to consume Kuzu & derive some of it’s amazing health benefits – marketers can be really tricky with their labelling of products, as they attempt to pass of fake varieties as the ‘real thing’.

So – check your labels and the ingredients list always! 

If you would like to learn more about KUZU and where it comes from, you can read all about this on my post HERE .

There are also SO many health benefits of using Kuzu in our cooking, including it’s amazing immune-boosting superpowers! You can learn all about these benefits by reading my blog HERE as well 🙂

I hope you are encouraged to go ahead and enjoy using Kuzu in your cooking – as well as using the REAL ingredients!

Below if a picture of my delicious Pumpkin & Maple Pudding which uses KUZU – many people in my classes have commented on how creamy it is, as well as how surprised they are that you can make such healthy desserts like this, without compromising on taste!


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Japanese superfoods cooking _vegan_cookbook

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Happy Japanese superfoods cooking xx

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