Lipton Matcha Tea Range – Yes or No?

As the benefits of matcha have become more widely known, it has become quite the popular choice of drink! This also means that retailers have been quick to jump on board with the matcha trend, saturating the market with products that may be artificial and poor in quality…

One of these products capitalising on the current matcha trend is the Lipton tea range, which now offers a matcha tea in both tea bags, as well as iced tea varieties.


But is this tea range good for you & does it contain the same benefits of regular matcha tea?



Lipton Tea Bags – A Closer Look

The Lipton matcha tea range comes in three available flavours…

  • Green tea with Pure Matcha & Mint only 6% matcha!
  • Green tea with Pure Matcha & Ginger – only 6% matcha!
  • Green tea with Pure Matcha – only 8% matcha!



In addition to the seriously low % of matcha in these drinks, it is also poor in quality! As you can see from the image of the tea below, it is not bright green… meaning it has been oxidized.



When using matcha, it is SO IMPORTANT that you use a quality ingredient! Which is why I only use a high quality, ceremonial grade, stone ground, organic matcha. 

ALSO – to get the full health and beauty benefits of matcha tea, we need at least 2 teaspoons of high quality matcha (yes, there are plenty of poor quality varieties out there!)


Lipton Iced Tea – Matcha, Ginger & Lemongrass

While these flavours sound like a very flavoursome combination, the reality is that it is PACKED with both SUGAR & FLAVOUR ENHANCERS.

Here are the ingredients:

  • Water, green tea extract (10%), sugar, food acid (330), acidity regulator (331), antioxidant (300), natural flavours, matcha tea powder (0.01%), natural sweetener (960).

Not only does it contain a bunch of artificial sweeteners, but also has far more sugar (9 grams per 250ML!) than matcha, with LESS THAN 0.01% of the matcha powder itself! Next to nothing!


*** My own Matcha recipe: 1tsp to 180ML of boiling water (with a dash of soy milk if you prefer) – a far higher quantity of matcha which is made using quality ingredients! ***


So I wouldn’t be hoping too much to get the full health benefits of matcha from drinking the Lipton matcha tea varieties.


Pure matcha, from quality sourced ingredients is always best for your health!


Wondering where you can buy organic matcha from at a reasonable price? You can buy my organic matcha HERE.



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