Japanese Superfoods for this Panicking Time

We are all aware of the difficult times we are facing with the coronavirus spreading and reaching more and more countries each day. The risk in Australia has also grown with nearly 80 cases in NSW alone. In Japan the number of virus cases is steadily growing too. I hope everyone is safe and rethinking plans to travel!  

I know my parents cancelled their trip to come to Australia this month. My husband and I also cancelled our Europe trip in April to see his family. Although for healthy adults our age there is only a low chance we may die, but considering how contagious it is we don’t want to risk it to being passed on to our parents who are in their late 70s…

We are all taking the right actions to stay healthy, like washing our hands and staying home if we feel unwell. Yet in our daily lives we are seeing the supermarkets being stripped of toilet paper as people panic buy home products. It really is alarming see- even I had to find toilet paper online because all my local shops had sold out!

I believe now more than ever is time for us to keep calm and take the right actions to keep our immune system strong because we do not want to get the coronavirus!

I hope you are starting to have the foods that I listed for prevention of coronavirus from my last blog post if not, you can check the list HERE.


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Matcha – The MOST EFFECTIVE Coronavirus Prevention food 

As I shared in a previous blog post, Dr. Gabriel Cousens says superfoods like green tea are the most effective in coronavirus prevention because of a catechin called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), which is very effective in naturally keeping our bodies strong and preventing the coronavirus from infecting us.

When I read about this, I smiled, because EGCG, the most potent antioxidant in the world is abundant in MATCHA GREEN TEA – and much more than regular green tea! 



Matcha has so many health and beauty benefits but today, I would love to share its CALMING effect! Yes, matcha is helpful in keeping you calm during this growing epidemic! The chemical in matcha keeping us so calm is… L-theanine! 


POWER OF L-theanine in MATCHA 

L-theanine is a powerful amino acid that offers countless benefits to the mind and body. Let me share them with you! 

  •  Keeps us calm: L-theanine increases GABA production in our brain, which is the chemical that contributes to keeping us feeling calm and relaxed. 
  • Natural stress and anxiety reliever: L-theanine offers a natural mood enhancing effect that allows to reduce feelings of stress in our body . 
  • Improves our focus and concentration: L-theanine stimulates the alpha brain waves, which gives us a feeling of relaxed alertness, effectively helping us focus and concentrate but not causing stress to the body. 
  • Flavour: L-theanine also contains umani, which gives matcha a refreshing and naturally sweet flavour. 

L-theanine is also found in higher concentrations in matcha green tea than your regular green tea! Isn’t matcha just amazing? – it keeps us calm and is helpful in preventing the corona virus – this is something what we really want right now, isn’t it?!  

So, if you are feeling stressed or fearful lately, make yourself a warm cup of matcha green tea! It will help you stay calm, relax, focus, relieve anxiety and of course, protect you from coronavirus!  It tastes amazing but only the high-quality varieties so be careful what you purchase. 

Stay calm and strong everyone and let’s drink some matcha green tea! (and wash your hands and avoid crowds…)  We really need it more than ever!!!  


Sending matcha love  xx



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Happy Japanese superfoods cooking xx

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