How to buy good soy sauce and tamari

You might think it is easy to buy good soy sauce…but truth is it can be hard because most soy sauce in the market are bad one!

Even respected Japanese brand one is not so good. There are quite bad soy sauce available as well so I would like to tell you how you can buy quality soy sauce and tamari.

People are worried about how much sodium is included but from my point of view, it is not important if you want to buy reduced salt version or not. What you really need to concern is that if your soy sauce is using WHOLE SOY BEANS or not.



You might think ” What? Aren’t all the soysauce made from whole soybeans? ”

Unfortunately answer is NO.


Leftover soy with chemcial residue

Actually less than 20% of soysauce are made from whole soybeans… so SAD! About 80% of soybean crops in the world are used to make soybean oil, which is extracted from soybenas using a chemical solvent called hexane. After removing the oil, the leftover soy has chemical residue as well as lessened nutritional benefits. Sadly, there are so much leftover soy available, and cheap, most soysauce is made from these soy with chemical and they are allowed to say just ” soybeans” as an ingredients that is why you have to look for WHOLE SOYBEANS instead of soybeans.

Short fermentation = no flavour = add MSG 



  • WHOLE SOYBEANS or not ( just written as soybeans)
  • NO chemical or WITH chemicals
  • SEA SALT or refined salt ( just written as salt)



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