How To: A Healthy Gut With Miso

Miso is an actual Japanese SUPERFOOD! It is one of MANY that have countless health benefits but miso, especially, helps to promote a healthy gut, boost your immunity, and clear your skin.

Miso, which is fermented soybeans, is well-known to be a nutrient-rich and power probiotic superfood thanks to its double fermentation process. About 400 health compounds including vitamins, minerals and enzymes are produced when rice and koji (culture) are fermented, then added to cooked soybeans to ferment further…! The NATURAL GOOD BACTERIA found in miso helps restore the beneficial bacteria in your intestines for healthy stomach microflora, promoting a HEALTHY GUT! Finding this in other food sources is rare, which makes miso the powerful superfood it is.


Amazing Amino Acids

Containing more amino acids than any other soy product, miso is made up of 30% amino acid and 60% water, which helps the health of our skin, hair, organs, muscle, bone, blood and our whole body. Of the 20 amino acids that occur naturally in our bodies, miso contains 18 of the these, including eight essential amino acids that aren’t produced naturally in our bodies, which are thus taken from food. Each amino acid in miso has a different function, including:

  • Boosting immunity: arginine and glycine
  • Increasing muscle and energy: leucine, isoleucine and arginine
  • Burning fat: lysine, proline, alanine and arginine
  • Improving concentration: tyrosine, arginine, isoleucine and phenylalanine
  • Relaxation: tryptophan
  • Beautiful skin and hair: proline, arginine and cysteine

Plant-based metabolic enzymes and probiotics, such as those found in miso, can survive travelling through your intestines and have a higher heat resistance than animal-based probiotics like the ones in most yoghurts. In combination with prebiotics, which is food for GOOD BACTERIA such as vegetables and seaweed, the power of plant-based probiotics works to enable skin cells to be reproduced and repaired, helping with wrinkles, skin complexion, hydration and anti-ageing.

Probiotics (like those in miso) work amazingly with prebiotics (vegetables and seaweed) to create a nutritionally balanced meal and to promote a healthy gut!



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