How to detox your way out of the holiday bulge with Japanese superfoods

Do you want to know how to detox your way out of the holiday bulge? I am all too familiar with my clients feeling bloated, lethargic and unhappy about their level of health as the new year progresses.  It is also my personal challenge to eat well during the holiday season and I am here to tell you that it is okay because I have a solution for you! The amazing benefit of choosing a healthy lifestyle is its ability to make you feel and look younger. It is time for us to detoxify our body to rid the bad toxins we have been carrying from the fatty festive foods.

I would like to introduce two Japanese superfoods that are fabulous for detoxing!

Super Japanese detoxifiers

These foods are;




Konnyaku-tofu-tomato-marinade-sydney-vegetarian-cookingclass-vegan-glutenfree-cookingschool-healthy They both absorb toxins in the intestine and are excreted in the faeces.

Super Alkaliser

Wakame and Konnyaku are also highly alkalising foods,  which are essential to have after the holiday season since we are bombarded with acidic foods such as alcohol, sugar,  and carb-rich foods such as bread,rice and pasta, dairy products, and animal products. When you are overly acidic, you are prone to diseases because all viruses love an acidic body! Konnyaku and wakame is definitely super helpful in neutralising our acidic body.

Happy Calcium-rich food

They are both rich in calcium so if you feeling sad or bit despressed after the long holiday,  the consumption of calcium rich konnyaku and wakame can have amazing mood-boosting effects. Research by institutions such as the Journal of the American College of Nutrition (2000) and Archives of Internal Medicine (2005) show that calcium can combat depression and boost our mood! The great news is that konnyaku and wakame have a higher concentration of calcium and assimilate more easily into the body (in the form of calcium carbonate) than the calcium found in cow’s milk (in the form of calcium phosphate).

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