Konnyaku- The broom of the stomach

Konnyaku (aka konjac) is a traditional Japanese jelly-like food, made from an ancient root vegetable called Konnyaku potato.  Although it is not really a member of the tuber family, in Japan it is colloquially referred to as a potato, but it is actually the corm (underground plant stem) of the Konjac plant. Japanese_Cooking_Class_Konnyaku-tofu-tomato-marinade Japanese konnyaku sheets / ito-konnyaku( gray konnyaku noodle) & shirataki (white konnyaku noodle)   Konnyaku was originally introduced to Japan as a medicine in the sixth century and has been eaten for almost 1,500 years in Japan. Konnyaku has been a dietary staple in Japan since then and is called the “broom of the stomach” because of its ability to clean out the intestines.

In western countries, it is also known as a miracle diet food since it is significantly low in calories and also a rich source of the unique dietary fibre called Glucomannan, which greatly expands in your stomach to give a feeling-full sensation.

Japanese_Cooking_Class_Konjac-konnyaku-shirataki Various Japanese Konnyaku products – nowadays dried konnyaku is available !   Konnyaku is great for:

  • Weight loss
  • Digestive health
  • Heart health (lower cholesterol and blood pressure)
  • Skin health
  • Healthy bone
  • Immune boost
  • Regulate blood sugar level
  • Overall health
  • Detox

The Glucomannan in Konnyaku plays a vital role in lowering our blood sugar level. Its bulk-forming property delays stomach emptying, causing slower absorption of sugar and reduces blood sugar level.

This effect is particularly helpful after a meal, which can lessen the elevation of blood sugar levels.

Konnyaku is also the most alkalising food I have ever known (ph12). Alkalising foods are essential in our diet as they can help your body neutralize the acidic foods you eat.If you are carb craver but also keen to maintain balanced blood sugar without spikes, konnyaku is a natural option while you can still keep the joy of eating.  As it contains almost no calories or sugar, it is a great substitute for carbohydrate foods such as rice, noodles, and pasta in meals or simply eat with carbohydrate rich food.

Japanese_Cooking_Class_slendier-konnyaku-konjac-pasta-noodle-rice Konnyaku rice, noodle and pastas- very handy! We don’t you try incorporating Konnyaku in your diet today by cooking Konnyaku Acqua Pazza With Root Veggies or Konnyaku Chocola as a guilt free dessert!   or simply come and join our healthy cooking classes in Sydney.  We use lots of konnyaku for natural weight loss with Japanese superfoods cooking classes.

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