Konnyaku – The Broom of The Stomach

Konnyaku aka Konjac is now very well known as a weight loss food and has many other health and beauty benefits but…

Today, I would like to focus on the detoxifying power of Konnyaku for you to spring clean your body!

Japanese_Cooking_Class_Konnyaku-tofu-tomato-marinade Japanese konnyaku sheets / ito-konnyaku (gray konnyaku noodle) & shirataki (white konnyaku noodle)

What’s Konnyaku? 

Konnyaku (aka konjac) is a traditional Japanese jelly-like food, made from an ancient root vegetable called Konnyaku potato. In Japanese, we call it “ potato” but it is actually a corm which is an underground plant stem.

Konnyaku (aka konjac) has been eaten for almost 1500 years in Japan, but recently Konnyaku has gotten serious attention from other countries – especially Western countries because of its weight loss property. Konnyaku noodle is called ‘Miracle noodle’ in the USA – because it has technically no calories but quite filling.

Want to spring clean and detoxify your body this Spring? Give Konnyaku a try!

How Konnyaku can help you with Detox?

Cleansing your intestines and having a healthy gut is one of the ways to detoxify your body.

Konnyaku has been called the “broom of the stomach” because of its ability to clean out the intestines. And Konnyaku cleans your gut in many ways because of Konnyaku’s unique fibre called glucomannan

How Konnyaku can help your Bowel Movement?


Konnyaku can work as a natural laxative, where it’s miracle fibre – glucomannan – plays a key role.

The laxative effect of glucomannan is thought to be due to its ability to swell by absorption of water with the consequent increase in stool bulk. Studies have suggested that it can be used as an effective treatment for constipation, and an intake of 3 to 4g per day may be effective as laxative.



Glucomannan also acts as a prebiotic fibre to promote the growth of lactic acid bacteria in the colon and boost colonic fermentation which leads to the increased growth of good bacteria, probiotics like bifidobacteria and lactobacilli which can also promote bowel movement.

Remember, probiotics works synergetically with prebiotics and konnyaku is an AMAZING prebiotic food! Quite often people who take probiotic supplements or fermented foods and wondering why their gut issue is not solved, but you need prebiotic food to make these probiotic supplements or foods work! 



Glucomannan also cleans our intestine by removing toxins.

It can absorb toxic substances produced during digestion and eliminate them with your stool before they reach the bloodstream. 


Various Japanese Konnyaku products – nowadays dried konnyaku is available !

Are you ready to start using Konnyaku ? Konnyaku is versatile so you can use for any types of cuisine ( not only Japanese food )

One of my favourite way to enjoy konnyaku is to mix with real carbs – like rice, noodle!

Konnyaku rice, noodle and pastas – very handy! 

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