Are you making yourself create and fill up more fat cells without noticing?

You might be making yourself create and fill up more fat cells without even knowing it.

Well, if you are bombarding yourself with acid-forming food and drink, high stress, high levels of physical activities including exercise, the answer is YES.

Many of us learned about pH in school but what most people still don’t know is how important pH is to your health and weight loss!

The optimal blood pH level is between 7.2-7.4 or slightly alkaline.

If the pH of the blood drops below 7.0, and into the acid zone, YOU DIE!

What We Eat and Drink Determines Body pH.

When you have acidic liquids and foods, you are throwing off this pH balance.

In such cases, your body will do whatever it must do in order to maintain its pH balance.

So, to save your life, one of the first things your body will do is to produce fat cells to carry acids away from your blood and vital organs.

So fat, in this sense, is actually saving your life, as it is a body’s response to dangerous acid levels.


The highest acidic one is soft drinks and energy drinks.
In addition, most animal products, alcohol, dairy products, wheat products like bread and pasta, rice and drinks contain caffeine….

Oh, not to mention junk foods and processed foods with lots of artificial chemicals as well.

Moreover, acidic pH can occur not only from an acid forming diet, but also from emotional stresstoxic overload or immune reactions.

We are producing acids all the time just by existing, and if additionally, we start eating and drinking acid forming foods and drinks, you are destined to be overweight and suffer from diseases.



Basically all healthy green stuff – kale, broccoli and other green veggies, lemon, carrots, soy etc…

I also drink and cook with alkaline water using a alkaline water jug .

However, I’m not sure about you but to me sometimes, having to eat lots of green vegetables is actually not easy, while only drinking alkaline water is not enough. You know, we all love acidic foods a lot (they are tastier than flavourless green veggies), and we all know it’s mostly impossible for us to have a stress-free life, don’t you agree?


Some JAPANESE SUPERFOODS are highly alkalised and I normally use them to keep my pH level in check!

Specifically, konnyaku (aka konjac) and seaweeds are the most powerful alkalising foods that are also great for detox and weight loss!
They have the HIGHEST LEVEL OF ALKALINE among all foods.


Rice shaped konnyaku (aka konjac)  





Wakame (Seaweed) Salad



I’ve got news:

In my upcoming 30-day Spring Clean Eating Challenge, you will get to learn how to buy RIGHT Japanese Superfoods (there are so many nasty Japanese ingredients out there) and also how to incorporate into your daily diet so you can alkalise your body and achieve the state of health you want, both mentally and physically.

The Challenge will also introduce many healthy and tasty alkalising dishes with details of the ingredients’ health benefits, recipes and cooking tips (which I’m certain that you will not find anywhere else…).

Here is one example. A dish that is full of nourishing and alkalising ingredients:

Kale +wakame fried konnyaku rice with scrumbled turmeric tofu, wakame, konnyaku, tofu, kale, sesame seeds —- this dish contains just all ALKALISING ingredients!

Hope you find the information today regarding the fat cells build-up mechanism and alkalising food helpful.
Let’s detox our body, get a healthy gut and lose weight at the same time!

Yoshiko XXX




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