A Simple Tip To A Balanced Meal For A Stronger You!

I was able to talk about the benefits of healthy eating with the Australian National news company, SBS. Eating a balanced meal is the most important thing we can do right now as the world fights the pandemic that is the coronavirus.

Experts have said that eating healthy foods, especially superfoods, getting enough rest and ensuring that we are strictly washing our hands are all ways we can keep our bodies strong- and a stronger body means we are more likely to prevent ourselves catching the coronavirus (and any diseases for that matter!).

We have to remember that there are quite a few people recovering from the coronavirus. A strong and healthy immune system can occur in many ways. Some of us are genetically at a higher risk than others. But also, by feeding our bodies with balanced meals daily, we can guarantee that we will have more energy and greater strength to fight any disease.

Let’s face it, most of us will encounter coronavirus in some way; our work, study and social lifestyles have completely been upturned. But the difference is whether we are infected or not and whether it becomes a serious condition or something from which our body recovers.

The big difference will come down to… How much alkaline is in your body.

Alkaline foods include all our wonderful vegetables! Particularly our healthy green, non-starchy veggies! Most Japanese superfoods are VERY alkalising, even more than popular vegetables kale and broccoli.

As I have been telling everybody, my cooking is all about alkalinity because all nasties like inflammation, cancer cell, fungus and viruses thrive in an acidic environment and what we eat determines our PH balance.

Now the super tip I have for you guys is actually really simple- in order to make healthy and balanced meals MAKE IT COLOURFUL!

Note: you don’t have to make it look as cute as this! 

In the interview I did with SBS I spoke about how a Japanese Bento box is healthy because it provides a balanced meal! You have your mix of proteins, carbs and vegetables. When we prepare meals for ourselves make them colourful! By thinking to yourself is there enough colour on my plate?

This way when we prepare a meal, we immediately think how can I add something green? Like vegetables. Or something red, like tomatoes, yellow like potatoes and brown like beans. Top your meals with a sprinkle of spices or seeds and with this simple idea in mind you know you have created a BALANCED MEAL!

If you want to read the full article I did with SBS about bento boxes and the key to healthy Japanese cooking, click HERE!

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