Vegan Ayurveda meal at Peace table, Shibuya

I had a lovely vegan Ayurveda meal in Tokyo!  Ayurveda is said to be one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems in India.  

I attended a 2-day Ayurveda class In Sydney where I could learn both theories and cooking all day about 10 years ago, so it is great to refresh my memories and always great to eat healing healthy food!  

Peace table offers Ayurveda meal without dairy! How fabulous

I adore Indian foods but the only issue I have is that Indian use dairy products – I know Indians use lots of herbs and spices to digest dairy well but it is always great to avoid dairy as much as possible, that is why Peace table is so perfect!  

According to the philosophy, the universal life force manifests as three different energies, or doshas, known as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. 

You are asked to fill in a questionnaire before you order food to find out which dosha you are then they will suggest the right menu food based on your dosha.  

Questionnaire and Agni drink that helps your digestion. Don’t worry, you can ask for an English Questionnaire 

We got an Agni drink which helps digestion and warm water while we were filling in the questionnaire. Agni drink is slightly sweet but refreshing. It is made from ginger, black tea, beet sugar, lemon, rock salt and four types of spice.  

The results were, I was dominantly Kapha and my friend had almost similar results of Vata, pitta, and Kapha but slightly stronger in Vata  

Each dosha offer three menus meaning 9 choices in total (Pitta x3, Vata x3 and Kapha x3)

you can check the menu from  


Kapha menu 

I chose the creamy mushroom pasta with truffle, which comes with soup, gluten-free bread, salad, dessert and drink from the Kapha menu -3600 yen  

My friend chooseUruoi” Bowl – Uruoi means “ moisturising” that comes with a drink, soup, dessert and after meal drink -3600 yen  

First, we got the same soup – creamy orange sweet potato soup. ( In Japanese it says carrot potato but it was orange sweet potato. If you are Aussie or Kiwi, it is similar to Kumura).  Mine came with gluten-free bread which was super fresh and soft. The soup was creamy, a bit sweet and yummy. Without olive oil, it is already rich and creamy but of course, good quality olive oil is so good for us, so I added and also dip my bread into the oil.  

For both Kapha & Vata menu – Orange sweet potato soup with olive oil – mine comes with freshly baked gluten-free bread  

Then I got a big beautiful salad. I feel this was a mistake because the salad was so big! It has assorted leaves, sprout and pretty edible flowers – the dressing was very simple olive oil and salt  

Kapha menu – big beautiful salad 

As for the main, I got beautiful gluten-free pasta that was made from brown rice with a creamy sauce using 4 types of mushroom ( shiitake, mushroom, shimeji and maitake ) + soy milk cream. So rich and creamy and just yummy!  

The side mushrooms are Maitake, Hiratake. The yellow mushroom is called “ Tamogi dake”, and orange mushroom is called “ Tokiiro Hiratake”  which I have never tried. Always so exciting to try new food!  

The things on the leaf are black pepper and sliced truffle  

Kapha main –  Creamy mushroom pasta – As a mushroom lover, this pasta is heavenly! Filled with umami flavour from 8 types of mushrooms!  And gluten-free  

My friend’s Vata dish was a Uruoi ( moisturising ) bowl which was filled with goodness. Several types of leaves, a few types of radish, sprouts and flowers with beets dressing, marinaded red cabbage, corn and quinoa salad, soy milk cream cheese, soy meat karaage, peeled cherry tomato, broccoli and raspberries. It is impossible to prepare a such bowl at home, don’t you agree? It would take so much time. 

Vata main – Uruoi bowl that comes with so much goodness  

Here comes dessert time. We were asked to choose a hot drink from tea, coffee, rooibos tea. We both chose coffee and I asked for soy milk on the side  

Vegan Matcha mouse with sweetened black soybeans & charcoal coffee and dates cream  

My dessert is Matcha mouse. The black thing on the top is Kuromame, which is black soybean  

The little cream in front is Charcoal coffee and dates cream  

Vegan Gâteau au chocolat 

My friend’s dessert is Vegan Gâteau au chocolat. The thing on the top is walnuts with soy cream cheese and dates cream.  

Both desserts were yummy and super nutritious! My flight was cancelled so I was supposed to arrive the day before this meal but I arrived in Tokyo on that day without much sleep so this type of healing meal was much needed.  

Mayumi, the manager of the restaurant is so lovely and knowledgeable which made our dining experience even better.  

My non-vegan friend who is a doctor found this place interesting and yummy!  I am super happy about that.   

We went during off peak time – 3 pm, so it was quiet so I was able to ask so many questions! But during this time, the lunch menu is offered but you can have a bigger course menu during dinner time.  

If you would like to know more about Ayurveda and want to eat a “ personalised” vegan healing menu, here is the place  

Check out the Shibuya Intersection with lots of people!   

Plus, Shibuya is an exciting city, I  grew up in Tokyo ( but I guess I was too young because I was there until 8 years old ) and visited Tokyo many times when I was growing up but  I was still amazed to see so many people in one area!   

Hope you get to try a vegan meal in Shibuya!  



Tokyo, Shibuya City, Dogenzaka, 1 Chome 14-9 Soshiaru Dogenzakaa 1F, Japan 



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