Tips to accelerate your Weight Loss with Matcha

I have talked about the amazing ways that matcha can help with weight loss for the past two weeks including fat burning, suppressing hunger, boosting your metabolic rate and detoxifying your body.


Even though you are taking matcha every day, you might not get the results you want… maybe you are having matcha in an incorrect way including the timing and amount. Here are some tips to make sure that you get the results you want!


Taking matcha before exercise increases fat burning during exercise by 25%!



Most of the weight loss benefits of matcha come from EGCG (a catechin with many prevalent health-protective effects and is highly present in Matcha). So, it is extremely important that you can actually absorb the EGCG.

Matcha latte and matcha ice cream is very popular but you might not be absorbing as much EGCG because dairy products like milk and cream prevent the absorption of EGCG.

So please take matcha without dairy to absorb the most EGCG. I like matcha tea without any milk or strong matcha with a dash of soy milk.



Timing is everything – You’ve heard this said many times before. I would not say it is everything, but it is certainly useful to know when it is best to have matcha to get the best results!

• Just before exercising

Try to burn more fat by drinking and exercising immediately! One study demonstrated that exercising immediately after drinking matcha resulted in 25% more fat burning during exercise.

• Between meals

If you are drinking matcha as part of your weight loss plan, it’s a good idea to drink between meals. The EGCG in matcha increase the amount of cholecystokinin, which is a hormone in your gut that releases when eating and is a hunger suppressant.  

When you are following a reduced calorie diet, drinking a small quantity of matcha with a snack may help keep your appetite in check.


It is crucial to take the right type and quantity of matcha! 




Matcha is a thermogenic food and helps to burn extra calories and promote fat burning. Studies indicate that the combined effect of green tea extract rich in EGCG, and caffeine (which both increase thermogenesis) could increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation. But you might be wondering how much you should take per day to get results.

A long-term study indicated that men who drank green tea (690 mg total catechins/ day 136 mg of which was EGCG, similar to what you’d find in 4g or 2tsp of matcha), had two times greater weight loss and fat loss than a placebo group. So let’s have at least 2 tea spoon of matcha a day.



Matcha has detoxifying effect so if you are not following healthy clean diet, you might feel sick when you first start taking matcha. So be sure to start with a smaller amount like 1/2 a tea spoon and monitor your body’s response before increasing.



You might ask which matcha contains a higher amount of EGCG. Go for JAPANESE. There is a lot of research to show that the amount of EGCG in Japanese matcha is around 137 times greater than in China Green Tips green tea and 3 times higher than the next highest EGCG green tea.

Do you know why there is such a big difference? In Japan, once tea leaves are picked, they steam immediately to avoid the oxidation which the rest of the countries that grow green tea are not doing. That is why Japanese matcha green tea has a brighter green colour with high contents of EGCG.



I have met many many matcha haters who became matcha lovers after having my matcha. As I mentioned before there are so many bad quality matcha available on the market due to the sudden high increase in demand. Quite often, bad quality matcha tastes bad. Matcha which is poorly stored and poorly prepared tastes really bad because matcha is very sensitive to heat, air and light.

Make sure to get matcha that is organic, ceremonial grade from Japan and buy from a shop that stores matcha properly. I have seen high quality matcha that becomes yellowish because of bad storage (you should not be able to see the colour to begin with… package should not be translucent and you should not buy from a clear container).


A review from one of my many happy customers! 


I hope these tips helped you to learn more about matcha and how you can use it on your weight loss journey.

Be sure to remember that matcha is not a magic pill so it does take time to see the results. All research on matcha and weight loss is ‘long term’ so stick with it and eventually you will notice a change.

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