Vietnamese restaurant that has great vegan options in Crows Nest

Vietnamese restaurant with great vegan menu in Crows Nest.   


I experienced an amazing surprise at the Vietnamese restaurant “I love Pho” in Crows nest. 

My husband and I were out in the bushes walking, in the Northern area. When suddenly it started raining, because of which I got wet. This made us miserable and we were already so hungry, and it was a funny time- 3pm . 

 We decided to stop at Crows Nest, an area with a lot of restaurants, but as it was only 3 pm, the only eating options were burger shops, chicken takeaways or pubs.  

I was desperately craving for Asian food, especially some warm soup noodle, but no open Asian restaurants had anything healthy or vegan. I was about to eat a vegan burger. 

 Then…. I spotted a Vietnamese restaurant which was OPEN! My hubby looked disappointed as he loved burgers; gosh, I was so happy. After a lot of convincing he agreed to take a table at I Love Pho, I thank god for that. 

I was so excited after reading the menu, because it had Asian, vegan and soup noodles, which was everything I wanted.  

Heavenly vegan mixed entrée @ $23.9

We started off with a platter of their top 3 entrées: 2 pieces of tofu fresh rice paper rolls, 2 pieces of Taro crispy spring rolls, and 2 pieces of steam bao buns with crispy tempura eggplant.  

Unlike me, my husband ordered salt and pepper calamari, as he is always opting for a fried dish and meat.  Even though we were ordering vegan. 

After we were done with our delicious entrees, we ordered the mains. The noodle soup I had been craving for long.  

Vegetable lover’s noodle soup @$17.9 

A 100% vegan pho with tofu and mixed vegetable in noodle soup. It looked good but tasted even better.  

We were so hungry that we were able to finish 2 entrées and 2 mains! 

By the way,   

They also offer a vegan tasting menu @$59 for 2 or more  

Which includes:    

  • Fresh rice paper rolls (Tofu and Mint), 
  • Crispy spring rolls (Taro and Mung Bean),  
  • Steam bao buns (Tempura Eggplant),  
  • San Choi bao,  
  • Vietnamese pancakes, 
  • Vegetable hotpot, 
  • Vegetable tofu curry, 
  • Green morning glory and rich. 

 I think it is quite an interesting menu. We could not order that course because my hubby was so determined to have naughty foods, but I would love to try the vegan tasting menu when my hubby is not starving  

I am so happy that it is getting so much easier to have exiting vegan options (NOT BORING ONE) in non-plant based restaurant! So happy!  

I Love Pho
Address – 47 Willoughby Rd Crows Nest 





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