Vegan ramen in Tokyo – T’s Tan Tan

My last visit to Tokyo took me on a food adventure. After reading so many good reviews I made it my mission to try vegan ramen at T’s TanTan in Tokyo and I’m so glad that I did!


Vegan tonkotsu ramen 


There are several T’s TanTan in Tokyo but we went to the one in Ueno.

I ordered their signature dish – golden sesame dang dang noodle and my hubby ordered vegan tonkotsu (pork bone broth style) ramen with gyoza.

Vegan golden sesame dang dang noodle


Both dishes were delicious, the noodles were thin and fresh and the broths were nice and tasty, so perfect. You know, normally ramen is prepared with a lot of MSG and oil but T’s TanTan ramen are all free of MSG and use much less oil so you can enjoy the broth without feeling guilty or heavy.

So happy- definitely my kind of foods!


Vegan gyoza 



We wanted to order vegan desserts but we were both so full… especially my hubby, since he just recovered from salmonella, Damn.

I also bought instant noodles for me to enjoy in Australia. Fabulous thing is, usually I am not able to bring ramen to Australia because it contains egg but these noodles are egg-free so I can! They are not deep-fried unlike regular instant noodles with no animal ingredients and MSG. Perfect! Now I feel I should have bought more… damn. Oh well, I will definitely go back there for more fabulousness!

You might want to ask, how was the taste? AMAZING! I prefer the Tan Tan noodle soup flavour

Instant noodles from T’s tan tan 


T’s TanTan can be found inside JR Ueno Station,

Please note that you’ll need to buy a platform ticket to get to the shop unless you’re already travelling on JR lines.

It was lucky for me since I was already travelling on the JR line to go to Ikebukuro to see my friend so I thought I had to get off at Ueno Station and buy a new ticket again but I didn’t need to! I highly recommend going to T’s TanTan in between JR trips and more great news, Ueno is on the Yamanote line which is one of the most popular JR lines so I am sure you will definitely use this line at least once during your Tokyo trip anyway.

Some of T’s TanTan only offer ramen, but the one in Ueno offer other Japanese dishes if you would like more variety.

I must say T’s TanTan is one of my most favourite vegan restaurant in Tokyo – I highly recommend!



T’s TanTan Ueno Acute

Taito, Ueno 7-1, 3F JR Ueno Station, Tokyo, Japan, 110-0005


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