VEGAN BURGER – My Verdict on Beyond Meat Patties!

Weighing up the Beyond Meat Vegan Burger Patties

After holidaying in Singapore at the Grand Hyatt, my husband was RAVING about a vegan burger he had last month, so of course, I HAD to try it!

I ordered the Vegan burger at the restaurant by the swimming pool where I spent most of my time during my stay (I was sleeping, swimming & working there!)


And oh my goodness, the vegan burger was delicious! I then discovered that the burger I’d ordered was a Beyond Meat patty with dairy-free cheddar cheese, pickle, red onion, lettuce, plant-based mayonnaise & mustard – all on a dairy-free brioche bun!


Healthy or not?

I know that just because something is labelled as ‘vegan’ doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best for you! Sometimes these products can be overly processed & backed with excess sugars, fats & other nasty chemicals…

So I’ve done my research – and I am more than happy to give the Beyond Meat patties by tick of approval!!

Here’s a breakdown of some of the nutritional info:

  • Each patty contains 20 GRAMS of plant protein
  • Contains NO SOY
  • NO GMO
  • 100% GLUTEN FREE
  • Each patty contains nearly 3 TIMES the amount of iron as regular beef patties!!


I am also quite impressed with the ingredients list as well! They are also quite high in plant protein, which is excellent for muscle growth and sustaining a healthy diet.



I have been meaning to try the Beyond Meat patty again now that I’m back home & know how tasty it is! I just checked the supermarket that is five minutes from my place & the great news is they do in fact stock the Beyond Burger patties! I am definitely going to go buy these for my burger-loving hubby – I know he’s gonna be super delighted!



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