Fabulous Japanese food with amazing mood-boosting effect

Hope you all had a lovely Easter break!! As we all may have had an over-indulging holiday with a bit too much chocolate, I’d like to introduce a Japanese food to beat the Easter bulge and has amazing mood-boosting effect!

I spent my whole Easter in the Blue Mountains doing some digital detox and getting surrounded by the nature, which was absolutely healing. One of the best breaks I ever had. I think I truly needed that. And such a coincidence, this year Good Friday was also my birthday… and obviously no fancy restaurant was opened and I cooked myself healthy meals.. Yet, still completely fabulous.

While doing bushwalking, I just want to eat healthy food so I ate very well during the Easter. We had some chocolate treats but just the special healthy ones (which I mentioned in my email last week, and also available on my blog)

Another important reason why I could eat well during the holiday is digital detox. I tend to eat more naughty foods when I watch TV, Neflix or looking at my phone. So, my digital detox contributed a lot to healthy eating as well. I would highly recommend digital detox, I believe we all need one for a refreshment! (I didn’t do total detox though, just limit the time I use phone and TV within 1 hour).

Celebrating 46th birthday, jumping around water fall in Blue mountains


How’s about you? Did you, by any chance, indulge yourself with some chocolate and other naughty foods?
If so, I would like to suggest one Japanese superfood that is very helpful to beat the Easter bulge!

It is WAKAME!!!



Wakame contains both insoluble and soluble fibres. The insoluble fibre is amazing for your bowel movement, while soluble fibre absorbs toxins in your gut and push the toxins out with your ???
So, Wakame actually cleanses your gut in two ways! (double cleansing!)

Wakame filles guts with HEALTHY BACTERIA

Wakame is an amazing source of PREBIOTICS. We all know PROBIOTICS, the good gut bacteria, right? Probiotics actually need PREBIOTICS to work!  So if you are having probiotics supplements, make sure to have prebiotic-rich foods like Wakame!

Sugars and other acidic foods feed BAD BACTERIA in your gut so it might be time for you to flourish good bacterias in your gut!!!

Wakame is one of the highest alkalising foods that I have ever known. Highly alkalising food is essential to have after the holiday season since we were bombarded with acidic foods such as alcohol, sugar and carb-rich foods like bread, rice and pasta, dairy products, and animal products etc.
When you are overly acidic, you are prone to diseases because all viruses love an acidic body! Wakame is definitely super helpful in neutralising our acidic bodies. Also our body protect you from being overly acidic by MAKING FAT CELLS in your body too!

So remember …..




Wakame is  rich in calcium so if you’re feeling sad or a bit despressed after the long holiday, the consumption of calcium rich Wakame can have amazing mood-boosting effects. Research by institutions such as the Journal of the American College of Nutrition (2000) and Archives of Internal Medicine (2005) showed that calcium can combat depression and boost our mood! The great news is that Wakame has a higher concentration of calcium and assimilate more easily into the body (in the form of calcium carbonate) than the calcium found in cow’s milk (in the form of calcium phosphate).


  • Prevention of cancers due to lignans, especially breast cancer
  • Antinflammatory properties of fucoidans
  • Fucoxanthans helps burn fatty tissue
  • Healthy hair and skin
  • Inhibits tumour growth

Hope this piece of information will inspire you to eat some Wakame this week!

Happy healthy cooking and eating! ?

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