Ditch the Binge

Was your Christmas as full of fun and food as mine was?

I’ll admit that I definitely overate during the Christmas Holidays. I didn’t drink but it felt like I had a SERIOUS hang over because of all the dairy and animal products I ate. I couldn’t even move after Christmas lunch & I felt sick right afterwards as well as the next day!

Even though binge eating all these bad foods affects my mood and energy levels, I still do it… I just love food too much!

Realign with Alkaline

After all the Christmas celebrations it was time to get back into eating and living healthily! This meant reincorporating an ALKALINE diet into my meals after all those Christmas foods that are often highly acidic and can lead to many other health problems.

Simply eating some salad with dinner last night helped me to wake up early and feel great this morning.

To feel better after Christmas lunch, my husband and I ended up going for a serious bush walk on Boxing Day – we walked 16km & did lots of swimming in between along the track (sunshine always fixes your mood, right?). The only downside is that we both suffered from sore muscles the next day… but it definitely beats feeling bloated and run down after all the dairy and animal products we had on Christmas Day.

Swimming during our bush walk helped cool us down!

Because I eat very well most of the time, I don’t feel guilty about cholesterol or any other health issues that may come from eating whatever I want over the Christmas period. It’s important that we enjoy ourselves even if that means falling off our healthy wagon every once in a while.

However, I know how to re-alkalise my body after holidays such as Christmas, which is why I’d love for you to join me in doing so!

If you’re ready to CLEANSE & DETOX your body from the Christmas period, join me in incorporating the Top 3 Japanese Superfoods into your diet for Natural Weight Loss!

It’s okay not to be healthy 100% of the time, so I hope you treated yourself a little over the holiday period! Just remember to alkalise yourself after eating these naughty foods! In my cookbook and my cooking classes you can find easy and yummy recipes for ACHIEVABLE weight loss without following an extreme diet!

If you’re looking to be a healthier, more energetic you in 2019 this is the perfect opportunity for you!



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Happy Japanese superfoods cooking xx

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