Matcha’s weight loss effect – more than just fat burning!

Today I would like to talk more about the weight loss effects of matcha. Last week, I shared about matcha’s amazing fat burning effect (missed out? CLICK HERE to find out more matcha’s amazing fat burning affects).

This week I am going to share the other amazing ways that matcha can contribute to your weight loss so you get more motivated to have matcha more often!

Matcha helps you control your hunger!



Matcha can help to control your hunger and cravings thanks to EGCG (EGCG stands for Epigallocatechin gallate and is a catechin with many prevalent health-protective effects and is highly present in Matcha). EGCG in Matcha boosts the level of cholecystokinin (CCK), a gut hormone which is released in response to eating and recognized as an appetite suppressant. So it is great idea to have matcha in between meals!



Metabolism slows down with age.. this is one of the reason, it is harder to lose weight as we age which I have been noticing since I hit my 30s…and now 50s! But EGCG in Matcha can help!

Matcha that contains a high level of EGCG can increase your metabolic rate by as much as 40% which is about 5 times greater than a cup of steeped tea. The catechins and EGCG interact with other chemicals in your body to influence and increase thermogenesis (the generation of heat from your metabolism). The catechins in green tea can increase the thermogenesis in your body by up to 35-43%.

Let’s detoxify our body with matcha to boost our metabolism! 



Did you know that matcha has excellent detox properties? It is because of an amazing antioxidant called chlorophyll in Matcha. You may be wondering why detox is helpful to your weight loss. Well, the cleaner your body is, the quicker it will convert calories into energy. This is because the greater the accumulation of toxins in your internal body, the harder it will have to work to eliminate those toxins which can lead to things like a slower metabolism.

Matcha contains a lot of chlorophyll which is an important substance as it cleanses the blood which helps to maintain pH balance, transports oxygen to your blood and removes carbon dioxide.

Maximim weight loss result. – My premium, ceremonial grade matcha with high EGCG and Chlorophyll 



Due to the new discoveries of matcha’s amazing weight loss and other health and beauty effects, so many people want to consume matcha! This sudden high demand gives everybody a hard time to find matcha with high EGCG and chlorophyll since they are only rich in matcha green tea that is processed and stored properly (which is very hard to find these days). There is a lot of low quality matcha (or even just ground regular green tea being called matcha).

So make sure to have organic premium ceremonial grade matcha from Japan which has natural bright green colour without the bitter aftertaste. These are all signs of high EGCG and chlorophyll . You can only really find out the quality when you open the package and taste unfortunately. If you don’t want to take chance, simply get my matcha from HERE.



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