Let’s burn more fat with Matcha green tea

Are you trying to lose weight or burn some extra fat and don’t know what to do? Some of you might already know Matcha green tea is great for weight loss but maybe don’t know why or how to use it for weight loss. Today, I am going to share some great tips on how to implement matcha into your diet to achieve your body goals!

Need to burn fat? Matcha is perfect for you!



Research has shown that green tea can boost fat burning by 17%!  EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) is a polyphenol (which is a catechin) with strong health-protective effects and is highly present in Matcha. It plays a significant role in enhancing your fat metabolism which helps break down complex liquids. Additionally, it can help to reduce body fat accumulation by inhibiting the absorption of fat compounds in the intestines and stopping new fat cells from growing.

EGCG in green tea has also been shown to reduce cholesterol levels and increases fat oxidation.  This makes the EGCG in green tea an amazing antioxidant that lowers the risk of obesity, diabetes and coronary heart diseases.


Did you know that regulating your blood sugar is a KEY FACTOR for weight-loss? Blood sugar levels can affect how hungry and energetic we feel. Blood sugar level also determines whether we burn fat or store it! When we get too much glucose by eating sugars, refined grains, or other carbohydrate-rich foods lacking fibre, it leads to high blood-sugar levels, which our body can’t break down and stores as fat.

Matcha is the best buddy for your successful weight loss journey!



Despite all its amazing benefits, matcha is not a magic pill and it takes time to achieve results. There is research that indicates that regular and continuous consumption of catechin and EGCG significantly reduces body fat accumulation and improves fat oxidation.

It is also important to take the proper amount of Matcha regularly. If you want to get health benefits like fat burning, please take 2 tea spoon a day but no food is good for over consumption. Matcha does contain caffeine, so please do not take more than 3 teaspoons a day.

In summary, to use matcha for weight loss, it is important to…

  • Take matcha on a daily basis for long term
  • Consume 2 teaspoons of matcha per day

Please remember…

  • Combine your healthy diet with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle to achieve maximum results and work towards your weight loss goals.



Matcha is not the same as green tea and you won’t achieve the same weight loss results with regular green tea. Matcha green tea is grown differently. It is covered 20 days before the harvest which increases the antioxidants and goodness of the green tea. Plus, with match you can consume entire leaves whereas with green tea, you steep it which means you lose out on some of its nutritious value.

Matcha contains more EGCG than regular green tea. In fact, a  research has shown that Japanese high quality matcha contains 137 times as much EGCG than Chinese Green tea  and over 3 times as much EGCG than the next strongest green tea. Therefore, to achieve maximum results, you should definitely go for high quality matcha as opposed to regular green tea.

Premium Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha can give you maximum health benefits! 


There is quite a lot of poor quality matcha green tea, including just grinded regular green tea or using second or third flush matcha rather than 1st flush. Unfortunately, you won’t know its quality until you open the packet and see the colour and taste of the matcha.

But there are some ways to help you pick the right matcha! Make sure it is…

  • A product of Japan
  • Ceremonial grade
  • Organic
  • First flush
  • Stone ground

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