How nonagenarians look after themselves to a slower aging life?

Recently, I read an article, ‘What ultra-processed food is really doing to your cells’ by the Financial Review about the effects of consuming ultra-processed food on our body. I thought the research findings in this paid article was very interesting, so I would like to share these information to help you and many others to eat and live healthier!


According to the article, the key to a slower aging and long living for a nonagenarians is home cooking. Yes! As simple as this may sound, this article suggests that consuming non-processed, homemade meals is the best for healthy eating and longevity.

Cited from the article, “whenever Dr Yasmin Razak (a diabetes expert) sees a healthy patient in their 90s at her London GP surgery, she would ask them what they do to look after themselves.. they say every time: “I make my own food and I don’t eat out.””

The article also mentions that these nonagenarians also goes on a regular walk along with not eating convenient foods, takeaway or ready meals that most of us consume today. This means that having a consistent exercise routine is as important and along with eating unprocessed foods are said as the key for a healthier and happier longevity.


To prove the effectiveness of home cooking on our health and living, this article also summarises findings from a few research studies to explain the negative effects of consuming the ultra-processed foods on our health.

As stated in the article, “from a study of 900 elderly Spanish men and women carried out by the University of Navarra, as the consumption of ultra-processed foods – such as frozen foods, sweetened breakfast cereals and flavoured yoghurt – increased and the consumption of fresh food decreased, the likelihood of having a shortened telomeres rose dramatically which can cause faster aging.”

To summarise, this finding suggests that the modern diet that is consist of mostly highly processed foods was likely to cause the cells in our body to age faster.

Another study mentioned which was led by the Paris- Sorbonne University has also found that, “every 10 percent increase in the intake of ultra-processed food was linked to a 14 percent increased risk of death within the next 8 years.” Processed foods tends to be rich in refined carbohydrates, saturated fats and salt, and low dietary fibers which are the components known to associate with many life-threatening diseases.


I recently moved to a new place and had to organise a lot during the renovation. I was very busy with the moving as I was not only moving where I live, but I also had to move my home office and the location of my cooking school.

And I was very tired (mentally and physically) from all the moving! My very considerate husband keeps telling me that I didn’t need to cook and suggested that we eat out instead during this time. So, we did and I’ve put on weight by simply eating a lot and not doing my regular exercise, which is going on a daily walk to the beach. I think at that time I was a MESS!

But I knew I had to get back on track and I was very determined to change after this busy period! I started to cook again, consciously adding my ‘go to’ detox Japanese superfoods that helped me to regain back my energy.

I also started to go for a walk at the beach again and things were getting better and better. I think having a long-delayed holiday to Byron Bay had also helped me to re-energised again. I am out of this vicious cycle of eating out and eating naughty, acidic and alkaline food. And I’m surprised that I ate more processed foods than I would ever consume during this covid time. It is ridiculous!

Tofu Karaage stofu beetroot carrot and apple honey salad sydney-vegetarian-cookingclass-vegan-glutenfree-cookingschoolydney-vegetarian-cookingclass-vegan-glutenfree-cookingschool


I know it is a hard time for all of us to eat well during this difficult time. But, eating more naughty, processed foods can make us feel dull and does have an impact to our short- and long-term health.

For me, luckily I know how to get back on track and be alkaline using Japanese superfoods. Some Japanese superfoods are amazing for detox and weight loss!!

I am running a 30-days challenge with Japanese superfoods where I will share my super easy cooking using 4 Japanese superfoods. Some are not even called a recipe because I thought that we are all busy.

So, stay tuned, I will open the registration very shortly!



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