Health Benefits of Burdock & How to cut it?

Health Benefits of Burdock

Gobo is a Burdock root, famous for its high dietary fibre content. It  has several health benefits like:

  • great for bowel movement
  • blood purifying
  • immunity boost
  • lowering blood sugar
  • lowering blood pressure level

Sasagaki Gobo – How to cut a Burdock root (Gobo)?

  1. Remove the skin using back side of the knife.
  2. With a sharp knife, make vertical cuts into the root, about 7 inches (20cm) from the end.
  3. Shave the cut end of burdock. Pretend the root is a pencil and you are sharpening it. Rotate the root as you go.


You can use sasagaki gobo ( shaved burdock) for:

  • Takikomi gohan – Japanese style pilaf

  • Kenchin jiru – Clear soup using root veggies and tofu




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