Vegan Lunch at Flave Bondi Beach

We had a half-day private cooking class in Bondi Beach, so we decided to have vegan lunch after the class and chose Flave, the fully vegan casual dining restaurant that offer various types of burgers, bowls and desserts in Bondi Beach.   

Flave, the fully vegan casual dining restaurant in Bondi Beach  

Flave was created after one of the co-owners experienced a frightening bacteria health scare, from then on both co-owners (Husband and wife) decided to start their plant-based diet journey and support recovery. 

The chef was trained under Gordon Ramsay – no wonder the food is so flavourful and yummy, unlike some vegan restaurants that are cooked by passionate vegan people who don’t have any chef experience or never had experience cooking meat/fish food.  

As entrée, we had Japancini Balls, which are arancini balls with a Japanese flavour and Southern Fry Side. 

The Japancini Balls were crispy sushi rice balls stirred through crushed edamame, speckles of nori and pickled ginger, with togarashi chilli and miso glaze. Rolled in breadcrumbs, lightly fried and serves with zingy wasabi aioli, pickled ginger and seaweed.

Japancini Balls – $9 – Japanese flavoured arancini balls  

Another entrée, the cauliflower fry was our most favourite!  

Amazing flavour and big portion.  

The Southern Fry Side was spicy American cauliflower nibs marinated and deep fried, with a side of spicy Peri Peri sauce and ranch dressing.

Southern Fry Side – $10 – best cauliflower fly we had! Most favourite dish of the day!  

Cauliflower itself was super yummy but also side of spicy Peri Peri Sauce & ranch dressing was sooo nice.  Everything about this dish, I just loved it!  

The arancini balls are $9 for 3 little balls (I know it does take time to make arancini) but it was a big portion of a super yummy cauliflower fry is $10. So we feel that fry is of much better value!  

For main, we ordered Ballsy burger.  

The burger was Italian meatballs slow-cooked in Napoli sauce, a slice of cheesy eggplant parmigiana, creamy pesto aioli, rocket, red onion and sliced tomatoes in a garlic toasted seed bun.  

Surprisingly I can really taste the parmesan! How fabulous! Quite often, the menu says parmesan cheese but I can’t taste much but this,  I can really taste the cheese!  

Very flavourful burger full of veggies  

Ballsy Burger – $18 – We choose this because no fake meat and we both love eggplant.  Look at all those veggies! Burgers can be healthy ?!  

Another main, we choose a bowl that is Japanese-inspired.  

This was a tuna tartare bowl with baby spinach, quinoa, rice, carrot, cucumber, pickled ginger, edamame, avocado, sesame seed salad, togarashi, Miso Ponzu dressing, wasabi aioli and crispy shallots and tempura nori.

So Su Me Bowl – $17 – Such a healthy bowl with many veggies! A great compliment to all the fried foods we ordered!  

This bowl is filled with goodness. We found that this is such a great value for money!

Even though we were full, we decided to give desserts a go…  

My Banoffee pie – $12 – my first try for Banoffee pie!  

I have never tried Banoffee pie but my assistant who used to live in England knew about it.  

Banoffee pie is a British dessert pie made from bananas, cream and a thick caramel sauce, combined on a buttery biscuit base.

I loved the crunchy Biscoff base!   

I was super happy to try Banoffee pie for the first time, and it was a vegan version! How cool is that!

Helluva Brownie – $13.5 – Roasted and caramelised sweet potato, vanilla, almonds, and organic cacao. Gooey brownie with chocolate-coconut ganache. Served with vanilla cream and seasonal berries!  

It is great that it contains sweet potato. ( better than just butter, flour and sugar, right? ) it was a bit sweet so berries are a very good accompaniment and ice cream is always amazing to eat!  

We were super full so we ended up taking some dessert home for our man.   

It is so great to be able to eat “Japanese-influenced” foods full of veggies with flavour.  



89 Hall St, Bondi NSW 2026 



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