Vegan healthy Indian food at Bondi Junction

I love Indian foods and I believe Indian cuisine offers one of the most sophisticated vegetarian food – no fake meat, but so delicious using many types of spices! It is an art!


To be honest, I am not a huge fan of legume, but with Indian foods I can enjoy. Only thing is Indian is heavy on dairy. BUT Nalini solve my problem!  

Nalinis offer vegan ayulbetic healthy Indian foods with such a reasonalble price. My mind was set even before I go there because I studied the menu before hand (as usual)…


The menu changes every week, so don’t forget to ask for the latest one when you visit. This is a platter which usually consists of six different dishes, representing a specific taste. There is rice, dal, curry, salads, sauerkraut, roasted vegetables and pappadams. 

When I spoke to the staff, they said that the platter represents the perspective of balanced eating based on the six-principles of Ayurveda. The combination of the six naturally occurring tastes, sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, astringent, and salty, makes our bodies feel nourished satisfied and balanced. Isn’t it amazing? 

Gosh, in less than $15, I got to eat such a balanced and healthy meal, with a variety of dishes. It was like a dream come true.  

You know what the ultimate balanced diet is? It is when we can have 30 types of food in a day. I am sure having this Thali contributes a lot towards the goal. 


It is a traditional dish from South India, they are crepes made from rice and lentils. They usually serve it with Indian spiced potatoes, coconut chutney, tomato chutney, and dal.

I love dosa, not a lot of Indian restaurants serve it, I was very delighted to see it in the menu!

Both the thali and the dosa were yummy, and it also made me feel nourished, all because of the different types of food which included fermented food. 


I went to the place with my assistant after we completed a private cooking class, in Bondi Junction, with a lovely family – cooking and having fun with kids and their parents and grandparents- it is so important and fun to teach healthy eating habits to the small ones. Anyway, my assistant just loves sweets, so we finished our late lunch with healthy vegan sweets. 


I wanted to order pancakes, but unfortunately the Bondi Junction outlet doesn’t offer pancakes, only the one at Bronte’s offer (You can check the menus for different locations, on their website there were some other options to choose form. 

There were four types of cakes on display, and we picked the lemon cake and the gluten free brownie, along with these, we ordered a hot drink called masala chai. 


Masala Chai is a traditional drink brewed with Indian spices and coconut milk.

They also offer kombucha, or other gut friendly drinks like water kefir, which I would love to try the next time I go there. Oh!!! But their vegan mango lassi was very appealing too. However, this time we were set on having chai. 

Well their chai is made from coconut milk, but I am a big fan of soy chai, so mmm… I would order a different drink next time. 

We just LOVED the lemon cake… I can bet that it was baked on that day itself or the day before. It was so fresh and the sweetness was perfect (not too sweet just the way I like it.) Just Perfect. My assistant went back to the place just after 2 days, for the lemon cake as she loved it so much, but they had none left. She was so disappointed…  


Overall, I just loved the place!!! So healthy, delicious and cheap- amazing value for money. These are the 3 most important things to me. 

I did go back there on a weekend sadly it was closed (Only Bondi Beach and Bronte outlets are open on weekends). I really hope the one at Bondi Junction serve on weekends. 

I highly recommend to nourish yourself and enjoy the yummy meals and dishes there! 


Nalinis Wholesome Streetfood have three shops:

  • Bondi beach  
  • Bondi Junction  
  • Bronte 



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