Vegan Chinese Medicinal Dinner at Vegan Veggie Joga, Minami Aoyama, Tokyo

Joga specialises in plant based Chinese cuisine made with medicinal herbs and no MSG used. As a health geek who loves Chinese food, this is totally my kind of place!  

 Joga specialises in plant based Chinese cuisine made with medicinal herbs  

 There is A La Carte and degustation menu during the dinner time  

 We ordered “ Joga Yakuzen 7500 yen course” 

  • Assorted appetizers (5 types)
  • Seasonal Matsutake Mushroom Soup
  • Stir-fried Vegan prawn and Gingko Lily Root 
  • Special green mapo tofu or steamed fresh vegetables
  • Homemade goji berry medicinal noodles or zero-meat hamburg steak with special sauce
  • Handmade Dim Sum
  • Homemade dessert of the day

There are two choices for two mains so we decided to choose different dish so we can share and eat four types of main dishes  


Beautiful assorted appetizers

The assorted appetizers are; salmon sashimi that is made from konnyaku, shredded dried tofu, rolled soy meat with okra, simmered pork belly that is made from soy meat and beef intestine that is made from konnyaku

Everything was seasoned so nicely, nothing was too sweet or salty. All clean and yummy

I have had dried tofu or konnyaku sashimi several time but my friend who is new to this vegan world seems to be blown away because of how good they are

Seasonal Matsutake Mushroom Soup 

Matsutake mushroom is an autumn delicacy in Japan – it is the most expensive mushroom and has beautiful aroma that Japanese adore. When Matsutake season hit, Japanese newspaper and TV always report about how good this season’s  Matsutake is, the price and so on. That is how much the Japanese care about Matsutake.

I didn’t expect to have such a delicacy. Beautiful soup that is filled with Matsutake flavour and aroma + Ginko nuts! Yum


Stir-fried Vegan prawn, Gingko nuts and Lily Root

I haven’t had ginnan the ginko nuts and yurine, the lily root for ages –so I was super happy.

 I must admit that they are not excitingly tasty and I didn’t care when I was young or lived in Japan but I do seriously care now because I can’t have them in Japan and they are very nourishing and really good for our body. In Japanese cuisine, ginko nuts and yurine is used in very little amount in the dish ( e.g  a couple of piece in Japanese egg custard ) so I was shocked to see such a generous amount of ginko nuts and lily root in one dish. Wow!

Definitely this meal is healing meal

Main 1- Choice 1: Special Green Mapo Tofu – my most favourite dish of the day (You can have as A La Cart, Lunch set and Dinner course)

According to my research, Green Mapo Tofu seems to be a must have dish and I was damn right! It was very hard to pick the best dish of the day since all foods are so nice but this is my most favourite dish. I loooove Mapo Tofu and I have had vegan Mapo Tofu many times but this one is next level

Soy meat is used instead of mince meat and the beautiful bright green gravy is made from seasonal green vegetables, just gorgeous!

You can have it as A La Carte or lunch set if dinner course is beyond your budget


Main1 – choice 2  :Daikon with ankake sauce

This is the second choice of the first main (You have two choices to chooise from: Mapo tofu and Daikon with ankake sauce )

Thickly cut daikon is simmered in broth and served with ankake sauce which is broth thicken with starch

Main 2 – choice 1 : Homemade goji berry medicinal noodles

This noodle seems to be another signature dish of the restaurant

Noodles are kneaded with goji berries and the soup stock is made from high-grade Chinese herbal medicines without the use of chemical seasonings. What an amazingly healthy dish and taking so much effort and time to make this.

It wasn’t woooooow, amazingly yummy yet still very tasty !

Main 2- choice 2: zero-meat hamburg steak with special black vinegar sauce

My non vegan friend was shocked to try zero meat hamburg and loved it

The meat hamburg steak was nice, it had a fluffy meat texture and a sweet and sour sauce using healthy black vinegar which was not too sweet and nice

Handmade Dim Sum

Handmade Dim sum is made from sticky rice. I love Chinese flavoured sticky rice very much so I am supper happy to eat this!

Homemade dessert of the day

Dessert of the day was black tapioca with soy ice cream

I don’t think dessert is their thing – ice cream texture is not so creamy and it felt a little bit of sorbet texture

Tapioca was bit too sweet for me but still very nice dessert to end the meal


Overall, this place is just amazing. I have been eating vegan meal all over the world but I can tell you this is restaurant is in my top 10 restaurant for sure. If you value health and high quality meal, this is the place! I highly recommend this place

Click HERE to watch my restaurant reel!


Vegan Veggie Joga

Fine Aoyama, 1F , 6 Chome?2?13 Minamiaoyama, Minato City, Tokyo



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