Vegan African in Mosman: Radio Cairo

Radio Cairo is the best place to try some vegan African in Mosman! The restaurant serves diverse dishes from African, Indian and Caribbean regions, with so many vegan-friendly options! The owner also owns his own liquor business in Cremorne, lending a diverse and unique selection of drinks to the restaurant – including vegan wine!


This long-standing business (a rarity nowadays) celebrated its 30th birthday just last year!

I actually worked as a cook at this place when I was an international student about 25 years ago, how time flies!


Entrée 1 – Afro Fries ($13.95)

These super crispy, lightly spicy jacket-potatoes are a must try!

Back when I worked here, I remember this was the most ordered dish on the menu. I have fond memories of making this exact aioli, breaking the potatoes and mixing the spices. The aioli, however, is not vegan but can be swapped for a mango sweet chilli sauce.

These are so crisp and crunchy. It’s obvious why, 25 years later, this is still the most popular dish on the menu.

Entrée 2 – Oaxacan Green Pea & Avocado Guacamole ($16.95)  

A delicious tomatillo salsa served with crispy corn chips.

What an amazing idea to mix peas with avocado, which adds extra protein, and maintains a beautiful green colour. It also takes some of the pressure off having to buy more expensive avocados, a good move these days. I will definitely be making this at home.

Entrée 3 – Herundi V. Bakshi’s World Famous ‘Num Num’ Roti Wrap (16.95)

An Indian – Caribbean fusion of spicy potato and sweet onions with tomato, cheese and pumpkinseed sauce.

Like most of the dishes here, this one comes with the option of vegan cheese. It’s amazing how much the menu widens when given this option! My potato-loving hubby was super happy with this dish.

Entrée 4 – South Indian Chickpea and Cauliflower Croquettas ($13.90)

Who doesn’t love to indulge in some naughty deep-fried food? But don’t worry, these yummies are made with chickpea and cauliflower, which are so healthy and nutritious. They’re also gluten-free! Can I call these guilt-free croquettas?

This may be my most favourite dish, unfortunately these were from the Specials menu which has since changed 🙁

Condiment – Maghreb Hot-Ass Harissa ($4.95)

Harissa is an African chile sauce made with chillies, garlic, oil and an acid like lemon or vinegar.

I totally love this hot-ass Harissa! This is not like just any store-bought harissa, that just tastes hot and spicy. It is made fresh and is packed full of flavour! We were using this Harissa on everything, so yummy!

Entrée 5 – Bongo Bread ($8.95)

This is toasty, grilled bread with tomato salsa, chilli flakes and melted cheese.

This bread had a great amount of spice with a refreshing tomato salsa, sort of similar to a bruschetta. I ordered mine with vegan cheese of course. I couldn’t stop smothering them in the Harissa, simply delicious!

Salad – Israeli Super Greens ($15.95)

This salad has kale, Israeli-style beans, charred sweetcorn, hummus and salsa verde.

This cute and healthy salad was the perfect side dish! It was served with warm veggies and pulse.

Entrée 6 –Turmeric Rice and Couscous Combo ($8.75)

What an amazing idea to pair these together! I am the kind of person who wants to try as many items as I can, this way I get both! Both the rice and couscous are so flavourful, unlike other versions I’ve had at other places. The couscous was also hiding some delicious and nutritious chickpeas at the bottom – a nice surprise.


Moving on to the mains, Radio Cairo gives you the option to order either the regular size, or order them as a “smaller share” size. This is such a great idea for smaller groups to enjoy more dishes.


Main 1 – Pulse of Africa ($24.95)

This Dahl contains an assortment of slow-braised lentils, split peas, with cumin, coriander and clove.

I love Dahl, and it was so interesting to have one that contained this many pulses. It had a nice flavour and that was delicious with the deep fried casava chips, which I love! It was so good that my friend had to take-away some for her partner.

Main 2 – Madras Red Bean, Carrot and Sweet Corn Curry (Left: Side size $21.75, Right: Main size $24.95)

A delicious mixture of red beans, carrot and sweet corn, tomato and spices, served with coconut cream and salsa.

This curry is not only rich in protein, but also veggies. I ordered it both in the entrée and main sizes, the latter comes with much more veggies – note the huge carrots! The main sizes also come with casava chips, unlike the smaller size.

Dessert – Gula Melaka ($13.20)

These are chilled tapioca pearls in delicious coconut milk sweetened with palm sugar.

This was so yummy! I honestly don’t have a sweet tooth, so you know it’s that good. This looks so much prettier than the ones I used to make all those years ago.


It is amazing to feel totally satisfied and happy after a meal. And I promise I’m not just saying that because I used to work here or because I run cooking classes here. I got some good ideas and inspiration from the menu, and beautiful flavours that you don’t find often.

There are so many more vegan dishes to choose from. I highly recommend that you come and try some of these unique vegan dishes – there’s even vegan wine! If you go with non-vegan friends, everyone can enjoy: Radio Cairo is famous for their chargrilled meats!

If you’d like a good drink, you won’t be disappointed. The owner’s experience in the liquor industry provides a diverse selection of unique alcohols imported from a variety of countries.





Address : 83 Spofforth St, Mosman NSW 2088

Website : 




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