Did you know that matcha green tea is great for detox?

Silly season is approaching so there will be many celebrations and gatherings involving acidic and unhealthy foods also drinks, meaning more temptation. My experience with eating naughty foods is that the longer I indulge, the harder it is for me to get back to healthy alkaline eating habits so it is very crucial to detox whenever I eat naughty and acidic foods.

This is why I would like to introduce to you guys to the power of Matcha, which is so potent and has many benefits relating to detoxifying our bodies and restoring gut health because matcha contains antioxidants, the micronutrient- polyphenols, and chlorophyll that helps to cleanse the body full of toxic chemicals.

So here is why you should substitute your everyday cup of coffee for a cup of matcha green tea instead!

How can the properties in Matcha green tea help with detox?

Matcha is rich in chlorophyll, which is the natural green pigment in the leaves that helps with removing the secretion of toxins and heavy metals by enhancing liver conditions and detoxification. This means that it can boost your immune system and your body’s capability of expelling the toxins, making matcha superior to regular green tea.

It also contains major polyphenols, which is a powerful antioxidant known for detox and strengthening the immune system. In regards to antioxidants, when you consume matcha you are receiving a full concentration of them and this helps to remove toxins such as endotoxin.

How to approach Matcha for detox

Matcha is a great substitute for caffeinated drinks such as coffee because matcha contains 50% less caffeine than coffee does and unlike coffee does not have side-effects. Coffee has drawbacks such as jitteriness and causes caffeine crashes due to spikes in energy that wears off fast, while matcha counters these effects due to its low caffeine content and L-theanine, which releases the caffeine at a slower rate. Caffeine is bad for detox because it interrupts our body’s natural detoxification process.

It is always good to start with less matcha and then adjust your recipes according to taste. Another reason to start with less is that matcha has potent detox power, so if you have been eating unhealthy for a while you might start feeling nauseous as your body is trying to release toxins from your body. I recommend starting with a 1/4-1/2 teaspoon a day.

Limit your intake of matcha to 6g (0.2 oz)/3 teaspoons a day as matcha green tea contains caffeine. It also contains tannin, which has antioxidant properties, but at the same time can reduce iron absorption. You can drink tea (caffeine) 2-3 hours after a meal to avoid this.

Choosing the right Matcha for detox

Buying matcha can be quite the gamble because you won’t know what you are receiving until you open the package and see the colour and have a taste. For detox, you want to be buying pure and authentic matcha powder.

Here are some aspects to look out for

  • Product of Japan
  • First flush (vibrant green)
  • Ceremonial grade
  • Stoneground
  • Organic

I recommend simply buying my organic matcha green tea powder. I am so proud of its quality and it is not only first flush matcha, but also premium ceremonial grade quality, organic and a product of Japan!

How to Prepare Matcha

Traditionally, Matcha is whisked with a special bamboo whisk in hot water because it is hard to dissolve, but what if you don’t have a fancy tea set? Don’t worry! I don’t use the whisk either, but you can’t simply put the matcha powder into your mug and stir with a spoon.

Watch my video below on how you can make and enjoy matcha easily without a tea set:


Matcha green tea taste

High-quality matcha should not taste overly bitter but pleasant, nutty and a bit earthy with a hint of sweetness. Unlike bad quality matcha on the market that tastes horrible and bitter.


Simply buy my matcha! I am so proud of its quality and it is not only first flush matcha, but also a premium ceremonial grade quality, organic and product of Japan!

Matcha is considered as one of the highest antioxidant foods with many health and beauty benefits. So, for those that had a bad experience, why don’t you give matcha another try?

The key is to find QUALITY matcha.



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