Umeboshi- The Fatigue Fighter

Tired? Why don’t you try this Japanese superfood?

The Sydney weather has been really weird, suddenly very hot then lots of rain and humidity. This summer has been very weird and uncomfortable, who else feels the same?

Japanese summers can be very harsh because it is usually very hot and humid, so we have a word called “natsu bate” (‘natsu’ meaning summer, ‘bate’ is fatigue).

Did you know that the hot and humid weather may be the cause of fatigue? This is because the strong sun can cause loss of appetite, which makes you feel no energy, drinking and eating too many cold drinks or food that leads to a weak stomach and spleen. Loss of a good night sleep from the strong sun can also make you feel fatigued!

How can Umeboshi help fight fatigue?

In Japan, one of the go-to foods for combating fatigue from the hot weather is UMEBOSHI”which are Japanese salted plums that are often enjoyed with rice.

Umeboshi is one of the ancient Japanese medicinal foods with so many health benefits. But one of its main benefits is it fights fatigue! 

This is because umeboshi is known for its abundance of citric acidCitric acid is important for the energy production cycle as it plays a major role. When there is a lack of citric acid present, all the sugar in our body can’t be converted into energy, which causes fatigue. Lactic acid is a waste product that causes fatigue and the citric acid in umeboshi helps to breakdown lactic acid as well as prevent the production of lactic acid.

Citric acid is also an intermediary in the energy-releasing pathway called the citric acid cycle. The citric acid cycle produces energy, the more citric acid, the faster the cycle, meaning it allows your body to produce energy faster!

If you would like to increase energy this summer, please give umeboshi a go!

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We use umeboshi in our Japanese Intermediate Class, Matcha High Tea and also Sushi Class, but the one class that uses umeboshi the most is the Japanese Superfoods as Medicine Cooking Class where we make yummy medicinal foods!

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Happy Japanese superfood cooking xx

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