Got sore throats? Have phlegm in throats? Try a super easy recipe of this Japanese superfood!

Got sore throats? Have phlegm in throats? A super easy recipe of this Japanese superfood can get rid of those!

Hi there!
Hope you are keeping yourself warm and healthy without any flu during this cold season.

Today, I would like to introduce you a Japanese Superfoods that is great for sore throats and getting rid of phlegm in throats since I  can see many people around me are having these problems.

The food is:


Daikon is white winter radish and plays a huge part in Japanese diet!

Daikon is white winter radish and plays a huge part in Japanese diet!


  • cancer prevention
  • stronger immune system
  • reducing inflammation
  • improving digestion
  • strengthen bones
  • detoxify the body
  • assist weight loss
  • improve respiratory health

Today, I’d focus on improving your respiratory health using Daikon!

DAIKON POWER – isothiocyanate

Daikon contains a compound called isothiocyanate. Isothiocyanate is an antioxidant compound also called sulforaphane – a proven cancer fighter and it also has Anti- microbial properties.

Due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral effects, having raw daikon juice or raw grated daikon, you can eliminate excess phlegm or mucus as well as other pathogens and bacteria and keep your respiratory system healthy. Therefore, Daikon is efficient in improving respiratory illnesses, including cold, cough, flu, asthma and bronchitis, as well as the diseases of the lungs!


To make isothiocyanate effective for your respiratory health, please have daikon raw and cell is broken down – which means raw daikon juice or raw grated daikon. These properties are only activated raw and when cell is broken.
That also means if daikon is cooked or chop in big pieces, isothiocyanate won’t be effective (even though cooked daikon also has some fabulous benefits for your health and beauty).


Grated daikon is served in many types of Japanese dishes – quite often served with oily foods like deep-fried foods like tempura and grilled oily fish like mackerel because daikon can break down fats!


  • Grate, blend, chop or process daikon to break down the cells and release isothiocyanate – the healthy component for your respiratory health
  • Eat daikon raw or drink raw daikon juice to avoid destroying isothiocyanate
  • Eat within 15 minutes after processing to absorb maximum levels of isothiocyanate.

In Japan, we have grated daikon everywhere — eat as it is with soy sauce or served with noodles, tempura and other deep-fried foods, grilled fish and even with steaks!


Grated daikon with Japanese noodles like soba and udon even with Japanese style spaghetti. Why? Daikon can break down sugar (carb!) 

But I must admit grating daikon is a little bit pain…. So I’d give you this super easy recipe, to make daikon more friendly to you:


– Just simply Place 5cm Daikon (without peeling the skin! The skin contains twice as much vitamin C as compared to the flesh and has fabulous health components that the flesh doesn’t!) and 1 TBSP of honey (manuka honey is the best for your throat) or other unrefined sweetener like agave, rice syrup in a blender and drink immediately!


Hope this encourages you to try daikon for your sore throat or just basically for your health!
You can easily buy Daikon in vegetable shops and Asian grocery shops! Stay Happy and Healthy xx



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Happy Japanese superfoods cooking xx

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