Do you know probiotics in Japanese fermented foods are stronger than one in yogurts ?

Today, I would like to talk about probiotics in Japanese fermented foods, especially KOJI fermented Japanese superfoods!


Koji is Japan’s national culture – we ferment various things with koji such as soy sauce, miso, mirin (sweet rice wine), rice vinegar, amazake and so on.



Various types of dried rice koji 


I am a HUGE fan of Koji products because they are amazingly nutritious and fabulous for our health, beauty, weight loss and even happy mind.


Probiotics found in Japanese fermented foods such as koji fermented foods and natto are plant-based. These plant-based probiotics are stronger than animal-based probiotics like the ones in most yogurts 



Plant-based probiotics like the ones found in koji-fermented foods can survive from gastric juices and reach the intestines ALIVE unlike animal-based probiotics like the ones in most yogurts.

Plant-based probiotics also have higher heat resistance. Meaning that even when miso or other koji-fermented food is cooked over high heat, heat-killed, dead probiotic still have beneficial effects in your gut. Probiotics in koji-fermented food help to recolonize your intestinal flora and can have a positive impact on your health and immune function.


It can also withstand heat meaning you will not lose its live probiotic effect when cooking. Just let you know that heat-killed probiotics are also beneficial for a healthy gut so don’t be afraid to cook koji-fermented foods.  Koji-fermented foods help to restore the beneficial bacteria in your intestines for healthy stomach microflora, aiding in digestion and assimilation of nutrients.
alive probiotics in koji fermented foods

Do you want to master Koji cooking for strong probiotics for your healthy gut?

It is much easier than you think! For example, you can use salt koji instead of salt and use amazake instead of sugar. How simple is that? Good news is you can buy salt koji and amazake at shops. The even better news is… it is shockingly easy to make salt koji.

Salt koji- super easy to make it! Only 5 minutes to prepare


Let’s learn together!

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