A powerful detox tool for this Spring – Matcha green tea

We are now officially in spring – the time to enjoy the warmer weather! It’s also the time of fresh beginnings and new growth. Blue skies and warmer days are coming, and there couldn’t be a better time to refresh yourself, physically, mentally and especially – nutritionally!

That is why I ran the online course “ Spring 30 day challenge clean eating with Japanese superfoods” in October last year and yes, I am doing it again this year! Take the challenge, refresh your health routine and do a gentle detox. Those small changes can actually give enormous results!

I will definitely let you know when the registration opens!

The purpose of detoxification is to eliminate stored wastes and refresh and reset your system

Don’t our bodies have their own detox system?

You might have read somewhere something says “Detox is excessive. Your body detoxes itself every single day.”

That is correct. Our bodies actually have the ability to detoxify themselves naturally, with six organs to be exact doing the function (the gut, the liver, the kidneys, the lungs, the lymph and the skin).

However, that’s not enough. The fact is nowadays, we are all exposed to loads of toxins from external environment, which are too much for our detox systems to handle. We are taking in toxins too fast and too much while our body needs time to cleanse them off. Basically, our inner detoxifying system can only tackle a small portion of the toxins in our bodies.

The Toxin-filled Living Environment

It’s not a coincidence that the scales of chronic illnesses like autoimmune diseases, diabetes, obesity, heart problems and cancer are escalating.

Researches have shown that these health problems are extending too rapidly that we can’t blame the changes in genetics.

A major factor for this poor situation is the result of all the abundant chemicals we’re contacting with every day: chemicals like pesticides, hormone, MSG, preservatives and colouring in foods; disposable low-quality plastics in food containers, flame-retardants in household equipment or furniture, hormone-altering chemicals in cosmetics. We are now exposed to so many of these harmful, toxic chemicals more than ever!

We actually have a lifetime of exposures, as the toxins already started to pile up inside the body of any one of us even before we were born!

The bottom line is that our bodies are, one way or another, toxified and no matter how hard we try, we simply can’t avoid all toxins, all the time.

What can we do?

The best thing we can do to keep ourselves away from being in contact with toxic substances from everyday activities (like inconsumer products, food, and even drinking water) is to:

  1. Avoid exposures wherever possible
  2. Back your body’s inner detox systems

We are lucky that there are still some supplementary ways to consciously detox our bodies. Some of the “tools”, thankfully, are enjoyable and relaxing: yoga and sauna (for me); matcha green tea is actually even delicious, too.

Matcha green tea is actually our best friend when it comes to detoxification!

The power of Matcha Green Tea

Matcha and regular green tea are from the same tea plants but how they treat is different.

For matcha, two weeks before harvesting the leaves, the tea plants are shaded, which boost their chlorophyll levels, and those chlorophyll levels are one of the reasons matcha is so magical.

For example, all caffeinated drinks except matcha are ACIDIC ( coffee is PURE ACIDIC)– thanks to those chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll helps with liver function, which will then increase the body’s power to rinse off the toxins. Chlorophyll is famous for the ability to expel heavy metals, dioxins and are persistent substances like PBC’s.

Matcha green tea is easily the most delicious and efficient way to boost our detox capacity, if you choose the “right” one.

Not big fan of Matcha Tea?

Well, you might have had poor quality matcha which are everywhere these days.

I met so many people who didn’t like matcha then came to my class and surprised how tasty it is – because mine is top quality

Organic, ceremonial grade, first flush, stone ground matcha green tea – which is the best for its taste and health benefits

Please be aware that not all matcha tea is the same. Matcha tea powders are often sold as a mix, with additional ingredients like sugar and milk powders. Be especially careful when ordering matcha at a coffee shop, as these are often made from these mixes.

Be sure to read the ingredients and make sure there is only one thing listed: matcha (or tencha – real term for matcha tea leaves). Another risky one is powedered regular green tea and sold as green tea powder – then you automatically think that is matcha!

I am having Yoshiko’s matcha but still love my coffee…

Well, it took me a while for me to switch to coffee to matcha

My history of favourite drink:

Coffee with cow milk ? coffee with soy milk ? chai latte or black tea with soy milk ? Matcha green tea with soy milk.

It took me at least 2 to 3 years to move to the next phase.

Even though I knew how bad cow milk and coffee were and how fabulous matcha was, it was still hard because they were all addictive and tasty.

I found myself the healthier diet I have, the more I enjoy matcha.

Plus I used to have just a ”so so quality” matcha which is not that tasty as well but what’s most helpful for me is that it kept reminding myself about the power of matcha (it has not only detox power but also so many health and beauty benefits!!!).

I am so glad that now I am addicted to matcha and have it every single day – a few times at least ( sometime I overdose…)

If you are like me ( not able to love matcha straight away), don’t give up yet, the reward is HUGE

Hope this will motivate you to try or continue to use Matcha Green Tea to detox your body this spring!

Matcha Love,




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Happy Japanese superfoods cooking xx

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