Vegan lunch at Ain soph Tokyo

Look at this pretty lunch at Ain soph Ginza (Tokyo Japan)

This is one of the vegan restaurants that I visited during my Japan trip this year.

I saw this bento box in instagram, and I decided to go there because of the prettiness of the dish!There are several Ain soph in Japan but only Ginza serves this lunch box  so I decided to go there.



[Vegan karaage]

I was bit tired from busy schedule just before Japan trip, especially my hubby got salmonella 5 days before the trip ( please check what I cooked for him to revoker super fast in my blog ) but when I ate this dish, I could tell my body was really appreciating the food and regaining energy.



[Indian spinach curry]

They use organic freshly picked salad and not using any ingredients using chemicals – so good and that’s what I needed

Only thing is that it is a bit pricy ( totally understandable though because of high quality ingredients and Ginza is one of the most expensive area in Japan) and it is fusion dishes not really Japanese food except vegan karaage ( YUM!)and Genmai ( brown rice) -like Indian spinach curry,mushroom with cous cous,Spanish no-egg omelette miso & nuts dip,tomato soup…



[Spanish no-egg omelette]


Maybe not the best choice for a Japanese who lives in Australia and craves for real Japanese foods in Japan but I am sure the shop is so popular among Japanese in Japan and all plant-based travellers from all over the world! They also sells lots of vegan sweets! If I live in Japan, I would go often! In the end of the meal, we have choices of drink. I had cold sencya ( green tea) which was amazing and my hubby had black tea with soymilk.



[Cold sencya and Black tea with soymilk]


If you need to recharge your energy in Tokyo, go and eat at Ain soph!!!

Ain soph Ginza



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