Vegan local snack – Yaki Manjyu at Gunma prefecture, Japan

When we visited Haruna Shrine, we had lovely vegan snack!  

This skewered Manjyu is only available in Gunma prefecture and loved by locals.  

Yaki manjyu –  only available in Gunma prefecture

Manjyu in Japan is normally sweet and contain sweet azuki bean paste filling but this is bit different  

The fluffy plain buns are made from flour and the texture is like steamed bread with no filling inside, coated with a sweet and savoury sauce that contains miso.   

You can see this flag near the entrance of Haruna Shrine . It says “ Gunma’s famous grilled Manjyu” “ proud of the taste”  

We bought this near the entrance of Haruna Shrine!  

It is very nice to have freshly made hot snack after visiting Haruna Shrine which is one of our favourite spot in Gunma!  

Me, just behind the Torii entrance  


Grilling the Manjyu right in front of you!  We waited around 8 minutes.  

 Haruna shrine is famous for powerful energy and big rocks!  

Why big rocks? Haruna-jinja Shrine is dramatically framed by the craggy rocks of Mt. Haruna on which it is built!  


Soryumon Gate:  Haruna shrine is characterised for having many strangely shaped rocks and rare landscapes. 

In various spots along the entrance road, there are the Shichifukujin, seven gods of fortune. Bishamonten welcomes you at the entrance, followed by god of longevity Jurojin, Hotei, Fukurokuju, Ebisu, Benzaiten and Daikokuten. Make sure to find all of them, as they bring good luck. 


Hotei san – The god of contentment and happiness, one of the seven gods of fortune. 

About 1400 years old shrine and beautiful surrounding nature was sooo healing and enjoyable!  

Highly recommend to visit there and have local Vegan snack if you have plan to visit Kanto area.   


Haruna Shrine  

849 Harunasanmachi, Takasaki, Gunma 


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