Vegan Asian Lunch at Tea Master in Brisbane

I am super happy to be able to come back to this vegetarian restaurant! We went there pre-Covid. This place is great because it is very close to the hotel ( we stayed at the same hotel as last time – Marriot Brisbane )  and they offer a wide range of Asian foods at a very reasonable price!  


A nice and cosy little restaurant!  

We both love dumplings, and they offer handmade dumplings, but it was a very cold day, so we wanted to have a nice warm soup. Then, I asked if the dumplings in the veggie soup are the same dumplings and the answer was yes! So we ordered the dumplings veggie soup,  

Dumplings Veggie Soup – $8.5  

It was very nice and light. My hubby is not a soup person, but he was really hooked! He is always looking for dumpling soup whenever we go to Chinese restaurants!  

I wanted to order something unusual, so I picked sweet yam rolls. Well, it was indeed sweet, and it is like a dessert! It was nice though. Luckily my hubby has sweet tooth, so he ate two of them.  

Sweet Yam Rolls – $6.5 – it is indeed sweet. It is like a dessert!  

I know my hubby is not a big fan of fake meat, but I really wanted to try Hainan Chicken – which used to be my favourite dish!  

Vegetarian Hainan Chicken Rice – $13.8 – (it says vegetarian, but it is vegan – the menu has a “ V” sign meaning vegan)  

 It was nice, especially the ginger dipping sauce. It is not exactly like real Hainan Chicken, but it was still a nice dish. I also liked the gravy! 

I wish we could order something more interesting, but my hubby loves Bibimbap, so we went for Bibimbap. If you are vegan, ask for no egg!  

Vegetarian Bibimbap – $13.8  

 The name of the restaurant is Tea master! So better order tea, right? 

Tea Master – they offer a wide range of tea! 

The last time we were here, it was in summer, so we ordered fruit-flavoured iced tea, but this time, it was cold, plus my hubby said his throat is getting sore, so I picked tea from the “ GOOD HEALTH HOT DRINK “ section, and it was a great idea for my hubby.  

Ginger Tea $5 / Kumquat Tea $5 with Taro and Mango Jelly 

He felt better after having this healthy tea! He ordered ginger tea – it was too sweet for my liking, but he really enjoyed it.  

I wanted to order longan jujube tea, but it wasn’t available, so I ordered Kumquat tea. Why I didn’t want to order Kumquat? In Japan, we don’t heat up kumquats, which is great for sore throat. That is why I wasn’t sure it is good to heat – but they are the “ Tea master”, and Taiwanese or Chinese who follow Chinese medicine know much better than me, so I should trust them, right?  

And the taste? It was great! It was sweet, but the sourness of Kumquat made the tea not so sweet.  

Tea with Kumquats – nice sweet-sour taste  

Jelly? I am not a big fan of Asian jelly that is made from agar agar – which is quite solid.  I do use agar agar for my dessert, but I put very little because I like a soft texture.  

So these are typical Asian Jellies, so I would try different sweets next time we go.  

The portion is not so big, so it is perfect for lunch for not falling asleep. And also perfect for people like me – who want to try many dishes without eating too much.  

Wide range of Asian dishes at an affordable price!  

I see people who come by themselves – I think this place is loved by those who want to enjoy a quick, healthy plant-based meal at an affordable price.  There are rice + main dishes from $13.80 to $ 15.50, such as kung-pao Bearded tooth mushroom with rice, veggie meatball gravy rice and more.  

I am sure I will go back here next time I go to Brisbane!  I went to so many nice restaurants in Brisbane, but had to catch Ubers … not so convenient but at this place, I can go on foot, there are lots more dishes I haven’t tried so it will always be on my list!  



8/115 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006 



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