Super easy Ume (Japanese plum) Syrup

Having gut problems? Are you easily get tired or getting flu? Why don’t you try Home-made Ume Plum Syrup! Japanese people love Ume plum as an essential Superfood! We make salted Ume (umeboshi), Ume juice and Ume wine (ume-syu). I am sure many people are big fan of Ume-syu, the Plum wine that is quite often served in Japanese restaurants.

If you are ume-syu lover, this is absolutely perfect you, because it has a very similar taste and it is healthier! Plum wine is made with refined sugar and alcohol but Ume Plum Syrup has the same taste without any refined sugar and alcohol.It is purely an alkalising syrup. Japanese_Cooking_Class_ume-with-agave     Ume plums are high in Citric acid which can give us many benefits!

• Powerful alkaliser • Prevents fatigue and muscle pain fighter

• Rid the body of toxins • Cure specific diseases such as dysentery, nausea and food poisoning • Burns fat effectively

• Activate stomach acid • Helps with absorption of minerals

• Regulates intestinal function Ume syrup will give you great comfort and relaxation for body and mind this summer.


You can use the refreshing taste of sweet Ume Plum Syrup and mix with other drinks!

HOW TO MAKE It is super simple! Add equal amounts of natural sweetener to fresh Ume, and leave to infuse for a couple of months! I put 250g Fresh plum and 250g agave nectar in a jar.

That is all! I marinate Ume in Agave Nectar but you can use your favourite natural sweetener such as raw honey and brown rice syrup.

Please shake your jar or place the jar upside down to make sure Ume is marinated with syrup evenly and also avoids getting mould.

You can see the picture above, Ume is not totally covered with syrup.Japanese_Cooking_Class_ume_syrup_upsidedown  But don’t worry, juice in Ume will be released after 5 days Now as you can see, plum is floated and almost covered with liquid. When the plum get wrinkly and liquid has lovely plum flavour, then it is time to enjoy! It normally take 2 to 3 month. Japanese_Cooking_Class_ume-with-light-agave

You can’t wait for a few month? then here ? Don’t worry!

TIPS to speed up the flavour infusion

Use raw natural sweetness such as dark agave syrup and raw honey I found that using non-heated syrup has faster infusion period.

Don’t get scared if your syrup is filled with bubbles, that just means that the process is creating a little bit of alcohol and fermenting very hard!

Score the Ume with a folk Japanese_Cooking_Class_ume_folk.jpg Once your syrup is infused with beautiful Ume flavour, you can simply add it to water or sparkling water.

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Happy Japanese superfoods cooking xx

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