Neba Neba Japanese foods : stronger body and faster fatigue recovery

Do you know what “neba neba” means ?   

Neba neba is a Japanese word used to describe foods with a “sticky” or “slimy” texture 

In Japan, we love neba neba foods and incorporate them into our regular diet. These neba neba ingredients are so easy to find at supermarkets and restaurants, making it convenient to enjoy its unique texture and flavours. 


Popular Japanese neba neba foods are:

  • Natto (fermented soybeans)
  • Okra
  • Brown seaweeds such as wakame, kombu, mekabu, mozuku
  • Nameko mushroom
  • Japanese grated yam potato

Healthy Japanese Neba Neba foods. Left: Mekabu (seaweed) Right: Grated Japanese yam

What causes the Neba Neba texture?

These foods mainly contain sticky properties such as water-soluble dietary fibre (polysaccharides) and glycoproteins that bind sugars and proteins. When dissolved in water, the soluble fibre develops a slimy consistency. These soluble dietary fibres are the main role to the health benefits of Neba neba foods.  

Neba neba foods health benefits

  • Effective for constipation and diarrhoea
  • Detoxication
  • Gastric mucosa protection, inflammation prevention
  • Supresses rise in blood sugar level
  • Supresses elevated cholesterol levels
  • Prevents hypertension through sodium excretion

and the list goes on… 

Neba neba foods are “Jiyou Kyoso” Foods

In Japan, neba neba foods are famous for strengthening our body and providing fatigue recovery. They are often referred as “jiyou kyoso” foods. Jiyou” means to take in and distribute nutrients to the body, while “Kyoso” means “supplementing the weak parts of the body with nutrients to improve and create a strong body”. To put simply, it means to make the body strong and healthy. 

Nato tororo soba by: Recipe.rakuten

3 Neba Neba foods dish used with frozen Tororo, Natto and Okura – available ingredients even in Sydney

Neba Neba inspiration

I found a great recipe by Recipe.rakuten that involves a great combination of 3 Neba neba foods. The dish includes nato (fermented soybeans), tororo (grated yam) and okura. This recipe features frozen ingredients – widely available in Sydney, and is a perfect way to make a meal that is both healthy and time convenient.

How do neba neba foods help strengthen our body?

The effects of neba neba foods on fatigue recovery and strengthening the body are believed to be a result of a synergistic combination of factors, including the protection of the stomach, support for the weakened gastrointestinal tract affected by digestive enzymes, and bring rich in nutrients like B vitamins that promote energy metabolism 

Neba Neba food example

To give an example of how people in Japan can enjoy neba neba foods easily, I made neba neba soba noodles in a Japanese hotel buffet adding neba neba ingredients such as nameko mushrooms, tororo (grated yam) and akamoku seaweed (type of brown seaweed). 


In this VIDEO, you can see how I created neba neba soba noodles whilst staying in Japan that were both so yummy and healthy! Adding Nameko mushrooms, Tororo imo (grated yam) and Akamoku (brown seaweed), all helped to make the dish truly special. I loved using these ingredients since they are usually harder to find in Sydney.

Hope this post has motivated you to try some of these neba neba ingredients for your health and beauty! 



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