FISH TAIL – Vegan Nepalese Cuisine in Cremorne

It is such a joy to be able to enjoy a filling, vegan, Nepalese meal at Fish Tail Restaurant and Bar, which is just a 10-minute walk from our home in Cremorne. 

Indian and Nepalese restaurants almost always offer vegetarian or vegan options, due to their high populations of Buddhist and Hindu religious peoples omitting meat from their diet. However, Fish Tail also offered non-vegetarian options, including lamb, chicken, and beef. Therefore I think this restaurant would be a great dining option for a group of friends or family with various dietary requirements! 

I love Indian cuisine; however, I personally prefer Nepalese food because I find it to almost be like a mixture of Indian and East Asian styles. As an Asian person, I tend to love Asian food the most, which is why I really enjoyed our Nepalese dinner at Fish Tail.  

Papadums, which are a thin flatbread, came complimentary with our meal. These were wonderfully crispy and were a fantastic side with our meal. You can always omit the mint yogurt so you can enjoy a vegan alternative. 


Papadums – thin, crispy flatbread, made from peeled black gram flour and fried. 


For the entrée, we ordered a serving of the vegetable Momo, which is a style of dumpling native to areas of Nepal, Tibet, and North-Eastern India. I found that Momo tastes a bit different from other types of East Asian dumplings, such as Japanese Gyoza or Chinese Dim-Sum, due to the diverse cultural styles of cooking and seasoning. I always order Momo whenever I go to a Nepalese restaurant, as I am a huge dumpling lover.  


Vegetable Momo – traditional Nepalese herbs and spice marinated vegetable mince wrapped in pastry, served with homemade tomato chutney.


My absolute favourite dish at Fish Tail was the Masala Dosa, a pancake made of fermented lentils and rice. Whenever I see Dosa at any restaurant, I am always super excited – I love Dosa! I enjoyed the Nepalese version of Dosa which came with a gorgeous Nepalese tomato chutney. The Dosa was fresh, beautifully done and was delicious to enjoy with the chutney.  


Masala Dosa – rice and lentil flour batter pancake, filled with a satiating, savoury potato. 


We ordered the seasonal mixed vegetable curry as another one of our mains, which was served with rice. There were plenty of other vegan and vegetarian curries on the menu which looked lovely; I wish I had been hungrier enough to order another! I can’t wait to go back soon so I can try them out.  


Vegetable Curry – Seasonal mixed vegetables cooked in Nepalese herbs and spices, with onion and tomato-rich gravy.


Overall, Fish Tail Restaurant and Bar was spacious, the service was excellent, and I found their pricing to be very reasonable! And of course, the food was delicious.  

If you’re ever around Cremorne, be sure to stop by Fish Tail for a gorgeous Nepalese meal!


Fish Tail Restaurant and Bar:

Address: 318A Military Road, Cremorne 

Visit their website: 




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