Eating Vegan Asian Food at Brainwave Cafe

In Jan 2019, Brainwave Cafe officially became a Vegetarian cafe/ restaurant. So, of course, I had to try out their Vegan dishes…

I think it’s a great idea because now I know about brain wave café and many vegans can’t stop talking about this café! Hopefully their business is doing much better after becoming totally plant-based dishes!

I ordered Katsu don without egg to stick to the vegan diet, I decided even before I arrived there (well, I studied the menu before so most of the time I decide what to order the day before…)

Katsu Don Vegan $15.50

‘Chicken’ Katsu battered, crumbed and crispy finish, topped with caramelized onions sauce, vegan egg and garden salads with sprinkles of Onari and sesame. Served with steamed Jasmin rice underneath.

It was a bit too sweet for my liking but if you read my blog often, I really don’t like sweet things…

It is fabulous to be able to eat vegan katsu!

My Japanese girl friend went for Thai! But I think it is a good move because Brain wave café’s speciality seems to be Thai and I looked around the table, most people were having Pad Thai! My non veggie Japanese girl friend who is a foodie was very happy about this Pad-Thai (phew) and I did taste it and it was nice – wasn’t too sweet!

Pad-Thai $15.50

Signature of Thai   Stir-Fried Thin rice noodle with Homemade Hot Tamarind sauce, Sweet Radish, Garlic Chive, Bean sprout and peanut stir-fried with egg or scrambled tofu. Serve with the option of —VG Pork Belly / Shredded VG-Chicken/ VG-Fish/ VG-Prawn



Fried Crispy Enoki, King Brown, Oyster Mushroom, Firmed Tofu with Larb Seasoning Topped by Roasted Sesame, Shallot and Silgochu Serve with Maple Yuzu sauce

When I was checking the review, people are recommending this mushroom dish and I do love mushroom so I didn’t hesitate at all to order

There are lots of mushrooms!

My girl friend kept saying it is great along with wine or beer

Both of us are not big fan of sweets and the dipping sauce was too sweet for us, so we ate with salt which is perfect!

If possible, I would like to request yuzu salt (a bit of yuzu juice with salt) rather than yuzu maple! I will give it a try if possible…

Because I was having vegan katsu (deep-fried) so it was a bit too much deep-fried dishes for me if I ordered Japanese bowl, it would be perfect… damn

To finish off

We were checking the vegan + gluten-free sweets

I really wanted to try vegan gluten-free donuts from Comeco foods and luckily there was ONE left… and it was the cinnamon one, so happy because both of us don’t like too sweet things – you know the one with glaze

Vegan Gluten-free Cinnamon Donut

I think the donuts weren’t freshly delivered and possibly microwaved so not the best. But not too sweet, which I love!

My friend was raving about donuts freshly made at Sydney vegan market so I will try a fresh one at the market next time or make sure the donuts are delivered on the day

All natural, vegan and gluten free donuts

I will definitely go back again for more goodness at Brain wave café!

Brainwave café
94/732 Harris Street Ultimo




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