Asian Vegan Dinner at Mr Hong, West End Brisbane

I was so delighted to find this place – Asian restaurant with huge vegan menu!  

The older I get, I need to eat much more Asian foods!

It is already such a bonus to have such a wide range of vegan menu, but this restaurant doesn’t use any MSG whereas lots of other Asian restaurant use MSG.  It is totally my kind of place!  


Asian restaurant with huge vegan menu that does use any MSG – totally my kind of place


We ordered little entrees, soup noodle and fried rice rather than ordering main dishes since the main dishes used mock meat and fish and my hubby is not a big fan of vegan processed foods. 

Entrée no.1 is my hubby’s must have item! To me, spring rolls are so boring, and can be frozen store bought spring roll, so I always try to avoid, but better make my hubby happy by ordering these 

Vegan Spring Rolls $8.9, deep fried crispy yumminess is my hubby’s must have item

Entrée no.2 is Wontons Soup 

My hubby was kind of coming down with a cold so on our first night I ordered Wontons Soup from a near by Chinese restaurant even though my hubby is not a soup person, but he really loved it since then and has been keen to order wontons soup whenever we go to Asian restaurant! Here is our third won tons soup and it was delicious! 


Wontons Soup $7.9 – My hunny’s new favourite Asian dish

Entrée no.3  is wild Mushroom Dim Sim. I love mushrooms and dim sim at the same time so I knew it would be a winner and I wasn’t wrong – these are filled with umami flavour from mushrooms.  It is very hard to pick the best dish of the day but this can be it!  


Wild Mushroom Dim Sim $8.9 – It can be my most favourite dish of the day. This dim sim is filled with mushroom umami flavour

Entrée no.4 is Crispy Mushroom. There was no explanation on the menu what exactly they were so I was guessing, deep fried pre marinaded Asian flavoured Asian mushrooms but they were just panko crumbed regular mushrooms. They are nice but a bit disappointed. These are my least favourite dish of the day  


Crispy mushroom $9 – Panko crumbed mushroom  


Instead of main dishes, we ordered carbs! First Carbohydrate is Pho- the Vietnamese noodle soup. Pho Chay is a vegetarian version of the Vietnamese pho. The broth is infused with various spices, mushrooms and veggies! MSG is quite often used in Asian noodle soup dishes but there was no MSG added in this one but it was still so flavourful and delicious. I have had very boring vegan pho several times so this was an absolute delight! 

 Pho Chay $15.9 – Plant based version of Vietnamese pho, broth is brewed at the restaurant with no MSG but flavourful and delicious! Can be my most favourite dish of the day!


Carb no2 is fried rice  

Can you see how big the portion is?!  

We normally order steamed rice in Asian restaurant but it is a nice change to order fried rice. No greasy, just nice fried rice! Thank god for that. I really hate greasy fried rice  

 Veggie Fried Rice $14.9 – Huge portion!


As you can see, we did order a lot! We were absolutely stuffed after eating all!  

We didn’t order any fake meat dishes except some yummy ham on pho since my hubby doesn’t like fake meat and of course they are not so healthy – so it is good for both of us but I don’t mind going to another place to try many yummy looking dishes that uses fake meat or fish like Hainan chicken, fish clay pot or smoked duck dish!   


Mr Hong 

321 Montague Road, West End QLD 




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