2 bowls of Vegan Ramen in one day at Soranoiro at Ramen street, First Avenue Tokyo Station

I wanted to go to Ramen street in Tokyo station for a while and finally made it!  

Ramen street is located in JR Tokyo station where you can access a collection of renowned ramen shops  

Visiting there can be bit tricky because there is no English sign at the entrance so I will do my very best to explain as in detail as possible!

Entrance of Tokyo ramen street – It is bit hard because no English sign  

There are 8 ramen shops in the street and one ramen shop called ‘Soranoiro’ which offers two types of Vegan ramen! When you keep walking from the entrance then turn right, you can find ‘Soranoiro’  

“ Sora no iro “ means colour of sky in Japanese – I guess that is why the sign is in blue  

 Entrance of Soranoiro ramen – please find blue sign, a sky colour  

Now, it is time to order which can be tricky because you need to purchase “ Syokken” which is a ticket to order. There is a machine in front of the shop  

 Vegan noodle button is extremely small so please look carefully

They offer two types of vegan ramen. As you can see the price from the ticketing machine,  vegan ramen is the most expensive which is a bit of disappointment to be honest but I appreciate their effort to make vegan ramen. For some reason, the buttons for vegan ramen are extremely small so please do look carefully. The buttons have a vegan sign!  

You can see English vegan sign!  

Are you gluten intolerant? Don’t worry, you can choose gluten free noodle which is made from brown rice noodle!  

There were no foreigners when I visited but I found English menu so I am sure you can order from the English menu and staff would help you to purchase the ticket  

Don’t worry, there is an English menu  

Once you sit down, you give the ticket and wait for Ramen to come  

On the table you can see various items on the table which are : from left –  garlic chips,  hair elastic ( so you don’t need to dip your long hair in your ramen soup. So considerate, right? ), tooth pick, black pepper, hand sanitiser, ichimi ( red pepper ) and chopsticks  

 Items for ramen!  


Elastics for you to tie your hair to avoid dipping your hair into your ramen broth – very considerate!  


Firstly I ordered vegan syoyu ( soy sauce base) ramen  

Vegan Syoyu ramen $1300  

There are colourful veggies on top of the ramen – daikon, pink radish, cherry tomato, yellow capsicum and mizuna plus sliced atsuage which is deep fried tofu  

I must admit that it lucks a bit of umami flavour and needs some sort of extra flavour. I sprinkled cayenne pepper – then I went ….?!? it was not just regular cayenne pepper! It had some flavour, then I took a closer look, and it said Umami cayenne pepper ( only in Japanese )  

Thank god, ramen now has extra umami flavour!  

Cayenne pepper with UMAMI!  – I sprinkled a lot to my soy based ramen. It was a life saver!

 I was going to come back here to try another vegan ramen but my flight was cancelled so I lost one meal in Tokyo…. So I decided to order another bowl of ramen to try another vegan ramen which is the ‘Vegan tan tan noodle’  

Vegan tan tan noodle 1300 yen  + gluten free noodle 250 yen – I prefer this to soy based ramen  

I prefer this to soy based ramen because the soup is thicker, richer and has more umami flavour . I also choose ” gluten free” noodle that is made from brown rice which cost 250 yen 

There is some vegan mince meat on top – I don’t mind a little bit of extra mince  

Even though tan tan noodle has more umami flavour but umami loving Yoshiko wanted to add extra umami so I did sprinkle umami cayenne pepper, as well as heaps of garlic chips  

Garlic chips – extra umami flavour but be careful next day. My sister immediately asked me if I had garlic yesterday

It is amazing that ramen shop offer vegan ramen but these vegan ramen wasn’t my most favourite ramen even though it was nice, but it is worth trying for sure!  

Click HERE to watch my video of the restaurant!




Tokyo Ramen street,  Tokyo station Ichibangai chika (First Avenue Tokyo Station)  

1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan  


** First Avenue Tokyo Station is located in JR Tokyo Station (outside the ticket gates). Exit any Yaesu gate from the shinkansen lines or traditional lines

Ramen street official website (Japanese): https://soranoiro-vege.com

Ramen street official website ( English ) :https://www.tokyoeki-1bangai.co.jp/street/ramen/en/ 




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