Who wants to boost immunity, increase energy and have beautiful skin at the same time?

Who wants to boost immunity, increase energy and have beautiful skin at the same time?

if you do, having MISO, the fermented soybean is the answer and actually, miso has, even more, health benefits! There are a few Japanese superfoods that can achieve these but today, I would like to focus on miso today.

MISO- Super-nutrient Rich Miso is well known for super-nutrient-rich food, thanks to the fermentation process that produce numerous nutrients! ( About 400 health compounds including vitamins, minerals and enzymes are produced when rice and koji is fermented then these rice koji is added to cooked soybeans to ferment further…! ) It is rare to find these in a food source, making miso a true super food! Miso-Soup-sydney-vegetarian-cookingclass-vegan-glutenfree-cookingschool-healthy-Japanese This humble tofu & wakame miso soup contain all you need! It is a totally balanced meal itself. Miso is super nutrient rich food, only lack of Vitamin C and A.  Wakame(seaweed) is a good source of Vitamin C and A! Amino acids are some of the health compounds that contain in miso! Miso is made up of 30% amino acid, and 60% is water.   Miso contains more amino acids than any other soy products. Amino acids help the health of our skin, hair, organs, muscle, bone, blood, our whole body. In our body, we are built up of 20 types of amino acid. Miso contains 18, including the essential 8 amino acids ( meaning we can’t make in our body, therefore, need to get from the foods).  Each amino acid in miso has a different function, including:

  • Boosting immunity: arginine and glycine
  • Increasing muscle and energy: leucine, isoleucine and arginine
  • Burning fat: lysine, proline, alanine and arginine
  • Improving concentration: tyrosine, arginine, isoleucine and phenylalanine
  • Relaxation: tryptophan
  • Beautiful skin and hair: proline, arginine and cysteine

Fabulous isn’t it?! I used to think to have just miso soup, rice and nori (seaweed) – which used to be typical my breakfast is not good enough since I am not eating many veggies but actually it is the absolutely balanced meal.  No wonder I don’t have any health issues at the age of 44.  ( I do have miso soup 5 times a week on average) READY TO ENJOY MISO DISHES THIS WINTER? WARNING But as I say all the time there are so many CRAP miso available in the stores ( especially Asian grocery shops), not to mention miso soup that is served in Japanese restaurants …some of the miso soup (not all though) is simply a joke… burnt and no aroma ( boiling too much), MSG loaded, almost nothing in it ( no seasonal veggies, or if it has some, it will be just a tiny bit of micro-sized tofu or some floating wakame) In my cooking classes in Sydney, I use organic ” unpasteurised” miso- meaning ALIVE miso that is made with traditional making method! I even have a special cooking class to make homemade miso from soybeans and rice koji miso in a jar_Japanese_cookingclass_in_Sydney_Japanesesuperfoods_recipe_creation Homemade miso is the best – most tasty and nutrients! It is easier you think…  it depends on how you make though….  Homemade miso is the best – most tasty and nutrients! It is easier you think…

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